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Review| The Cure: Natural Aqua Gel & Skin Cream

So I was given the opportunity to attend The Cure media launch eveny and guess what?

I'm the first guest to reach the event, yay!



This time's location, which I believe, is one of the small event hall from DPAC or the separated room of Tour Les Jour. 
I'm not entirely sure.. but we're in Empire Damansara Perdana for sure.
This place is gorgeous.

I came in first and got my details written in their guest book~
Here's the Guest Book section featuring one of the guests.

At the side of the counter, there were a bunch of gifts <3 <3
Blue and white theme really do match the colour of the products.

I settled down at the far back of the stage area (because I feel more safer there ><)

Right behind the racks that you can see on the left of the venue, someone from Tour Les Jour
was setting up yummy snacks for the guests to nom-nom.

They look really, really tasty, to be honest.

They are all really cute too. All of these are petite bite-sized food, like mini burgers, mini tarts and other mini pastries.

I took one of everything to try because I was curious heheheheheh

After nomming down everything, here's what I like the most:
mini strawberry pastry, mini tarts and that dark colour bun 
which I assume is banana chocolate?

The seminar was conducted by a pretty Korean lady named Fiona, who is the Sales Distributor of The Cure in Malaysia.
(I feel very intimidated while talking to her >< I feel so smol...)

Behind her was these products on display.
They are actual products tho, not empty bottles.

let's get to the main thing here ehheheheh


All the guests were given small samples to try these two items out during the seminar.
I'll be honest with you, I was shocked.

This one here was introduced few years back but I didn't pay much attention to it while the Sasa lady introduced it to me mainly because I couldn't afford buying it. It was about Rm129 and right now the price in Sasa became Rm139.

It's a beadless exfoliator that effectively removes dead skin while being gentle to your skin.

The product that they are launching here in Malaysia is this thing called CWT Skin Cream.
Originally it was not supposed to be on sale but because of a massive amount of demands, the Toyo Life team who create this product decided to release its sale to the nation. Since then, this product was seen as a new successor after the Natural Aqua Gel aka Legendary Product / Monster Product.

Now this product was said to remove dead skin using activated hydrogen water (75%). It was believed that they (Toyo Life) are the first who successfully master the technology that allows a product to use activated hydrogen water, 
which boosts skin care effects.

This lightweight skin cream can be used as a toner and an emulsion. One of the main ingredient is the harmless cosmetic-grade silicon that covers the users' skin to maintain skin hydration for a smoother and oil-free complexion, 
which I do agree about this, very much. 

Although it is a cream, it actually feels more like a lotion because of it's high concentration of liquid.
This gives it another benefit to be absorbed into the skin at a really, really fast rate. While rubbing it on the back of my hands, they really do have water droplets appearing, just like what Miss Fiona had said. (!!!) 매직 처럼!!!

This product was also claimed to be able to speed up skin regeneration process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as keeping the user's skin supple, firmer and even skin complexion as it penetrates into the skin effectively.

Here are my thoughts:
The people were honest about these products being lightweight and non-greasy. I really do hate thick and ineffective cream but this one here showed a whole new difference to those unreliable creams. I don't like the packaging though, in terms of being physical. I'd rather to have a cap that flips open instead of the type that you have to twist & turn several times. It gets inconvenient when you want to put more lotion but you already closed the cap. Now that you have a layer of your hands already, it feels kinda bad to use that hand and open up the cap, leaving residues on the bottle >< Just. No.

The exfoliator is not very strong, so my skin can still take it. At the same time, I feel like my face is a bit too dry for the CWT cream to product any droplets. I need intense moisturization! (is that even a word lolololololol) I honestly think that the product is not greasy at all, like, your skin does feel like a baby's skin after using it. I know what you're thinking, "Exaggerating much?" But it's true. Your skin will definitely feel soft after using this. Don't believe me? Head to Sasa and try their tester now! Be surprised :D

Although this product is really effective, I still can't really afford getting a set of it right now because the CWT alone is already Rm169. I'm really grateful that I was given a chance to try this out and I will definitely purchase a set of it the moment I settled into a job ^^ 

In the meantime, I will be using these two products as if they are worth a million ><

That's all for this post!

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