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Foodie | Hanatama Sushi & Omurice

Honestly, I shouldn't have visited this shop...

I really wanna throw up
thinking about this restaurant...

especially when I see
their omurice.

The entire shop was empty by the time I was visiting

There is a self-service drink bar right next to the counter.

Anyway, I was going to put every photo that I have in this post but I decided not to.
Taking too much time to write this post is going to make me sick.
Let me explain why.

One Thursday, I was hungry.
I went into this shop because I wanted to eat sushi and holy cow, their prices are quite ok.
But because just eating sushi won't be enough so I decided to order Omurice as well.

Here's what the take-away looks like:

I was actually kinda excited to try it, okay.. but little did I know what happened next was horrifying to me.

So here's what the omurice looks like.
It looks okay, right?

The rice inside also quite okay, right?

Now here's the thing, when I eat it, I feel nauseous.
Even until now, I still feel that nauseous sensation in my throat.
Halfway eating it and I felt disgusted.

Next thing I ordered was the solo platter sushi.
The sushi is fine. It tastes ok. Nothing wrong.

Maybe a little bit not so fresh for the ebiko? It's not so crunchy heuheu
Whatevs. I ate it anyway (few hours after omurice)

Btw I'm very salty about the staff not telling me that there's such promotion going on:

Alright, now here's why I'm so against 

going back into this restaurant:

Day 1:

So, after the meal, I felt uncomfortable somewhere below my rib cage.
It wasn't on the right side, but more slightly more towards the left side.

When the night came, I sent a text to my mom, indicating that my liver was really feeling weird and she told me to see a doctor immediately when tomorrow comes.
At first, I was like, yeah, maybe it will pass a while later.
But nooooooo. The next day I had to leave work and visited my friendly doctor.

Day 2:

He told me that he was suspecting a food poisoning or indigestion since there wasn't any symptoms of weird stones in any of my random organs. (We did the ultrasound and nope I'm not pregnant.)
He gave me pills like Acid, probiotics and some pills to get rid of gas.

During the night tho, I felt like s**t.
My chest was hurting so much I can't even sleep.
In the end, I had to put my finger into my tongue just to force my body to throw up everything that's still in my system. Guess what I saw? FOOD FROM HANATAMA WAS STILL IN MY STOMACH FOR TWO DAYS?! I was just so disgusted, I threw up even more.

Day 4:

Two days passed, the medicines didn't work and I had to visit another doctor again because my under-rib felt a whole lot painful than before. It was seriously painful to the point where even with makeup I was still looking pale af (from the looks of my lips). 
This time, the doctor said I have gastric and gave me a jab in the butt along with some other medicine. I felt better after the jab but not immediately better, had to wait until the next day. During that night, I did the same thing, forcing myself to throw up into the toilet bowl. This doctor gave me the gastric liquid medicine but it was in yellow color (Not strong enough, according to the next doctor). His medicine didn't work either until another two days later I had to visit the third doctor. 

Day 6:

This time though, the pain started when I was in the uni and it was starting to rain, which means traffic jam was everywhere. At first I thought the pain would go off after awhile BUT IT GETS WORSE. I was literally trying to suppress the pain by applying pressure to my tummy while trying to get home as soon as possible BUT THE TRAFFIC made me reach home 1 hour later !!!!!


The third doctor told me that I already damaged the lining of my stomach, which is why I've been feeling the pain all the time. Funny thing tho, I've never had gastric before this, so whatever made it happen should be very triggering. He told me to do some "healing" thing for 7 days by eating another sets of pills and gave me the white colored gastric liquid medicine, which I had to admit that his medicine worked. I still feel slightly uncomfortable sometimes but I just need to eat something and it would go off.

For around two weeks, I was in pain.
I was in VAIN.
I never wanna experience this again.

If anyone has a weak stomach, don't go on an adventure here.
Unless you're curious about how it feels.
If that's the case then go ahead.

So yeah.
Here's my gastric story.
Does it relate to this restaurant? I don't know.
But the fact that their food stayed undigested in my system for 2 days made me really speechless.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't even supposed to do that.

Will I ever go back again?




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