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Review + Neutrogena Beauty Squad | Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam

*These products were used at least 7 days for this review*

Neutrogena has been a well-known brand to be the "#1 Dermatologist Recommended skincare brand offers a wide range of skin and hair care products." Some of their popular items would be their sunscreen and makeup removers.

From some of their Deep Clean range, there were products attending solely for those with dry skin.
Some of which are their cleansing oil, blackhead daily scrub and foaming cleanser.

Now my real favourite here is their

Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam 142ml
(RSP: RM44.90)

Honestly, this one feels chunky while holding it.
It felt like some legit cool shheetz going on inside this aqua blue bottle.
The name honestly scared me a little because I've never had any good experiences with oil skin care products. They often cause me to have break outs.

Neutrogena said: 
- Specially for dry skin
- It has Cucumber extract that helps hydrate and refresh your skin, leaving it soft, supple and healthy.
 - Dual-transformation process (transform from oil-gel-cream-soft foam) can be effective and gentle on skin and easily rinsed off, leaving no residue and helping skin feel clean and healthy
- Oil-gel contains Oleifera leaf extract to gently remove all traces of day makeup, dirt and oil in one wash

Here's the fun part:

Review time!

What I applied on my arm is a non-staining tint.
It's supposedly a 'healthier' choice for those who shouldn't be having too much chemicals on their face, such as pregnant ladies.

(The brand is from It's My. They didn't specify that their product is for pregnant ladies. The part where I mentioned above is from my knowledge on non-staining tint.)

Now I've squirt out a little bit on the right side of the makeup stain and rub it a little to let the oil absorb all those makeup chemicals.

The cleansing oil is surprisingly not oily at all.
I'm a bit confused to why they would want to call it 'oil' because it feels more like gel product to me.
The feeling isn't gooey or greasy, it feels just like any gel-type textured product.

Instead of washing it off, I decided to wipe it off with a cotton pad to show you how much it will remove while not washing away the makeup that I didn't intend to erase.

Afterwards, I've applied the cleansing oil across the rest of the makeup.
If you look closely, there's still a bit of stain there.
Now, solely because of this reason, I'll only use this product after wiping my face with proper makeup remover at least twice.

However, the remaining stain can also be cleaned away by cleansing with this product for the second time. This would often require the makeup to be weak enough in order to be cleansed away easily.

Also, the rinse-cleansing function of this product starts when you wet the applied-area with water.
When they said "Oil to Foam," the foam isn't going to be the type like foaming cleansers.
It's a very thin and soft kind of 'bubble foam.' Almost as if there isn't any foam at all.

Here's a close up.
I wouldn't call this foam but I really don't know what to call it.

Here's the end-result after washing off the cleansing oil and patted my arm dry with my towel.
Doesn't it look clean? :D

My opinion:
I honestly really like the product because it doesn't dry my skin up whenever I use it. Although I'm still have second thoughts with just using only this product to remove makeup, its still doing its job just fine when it comes to removing makeup to a certain level. I would say that this is stronger than those makeup cleanser from other brands (specifically Nivea's, that one is super drying even though the one I've tried is supposedly to be hydrating)

The texture of this product is surprisingly acceptable. Initially I thought that I would be disgusted by the texture of it because it was named as Cleansing Oil to Foam. But after using it for several days, I find it really similar to gel-type texture and there's no greasy feeling at all. 

This bottle doesn't have a 'straw' within, so you might need to hold it up-side-down in order to get the product out onto your palms. Now, I believe that the product design team had thought about the difficulty and time-consuming on how it would be when there's only little product left in the bottle, so they've placed a divider at the bottom of the bottle. The divider pushes the product upwards along with the air pressure.This keeps the product to be at the upper half of the bottle as we use it, making it convenient for us to pump the content out with ease.

The packaging design though... it isn't so attractive but I can't really say much because most of Neutrogena's product packaging is really plain and simple. I guess you can say that they only focus on what their product can do instead of just making them look cute.

The pricing is actually quite decent, just like any other makeup product price range. However, I personally feel like I'll be using a lot of this. So I might be finishing the entire bottle within 2-3 months. It's also better to use as much as possible (with suitable portion) because its better to keep our skin free from makeup residue rather than damaging it.

Overall, good product, good results, happy skin 24/7!

Would I recommend you to buy it?
Yep! Totally :D

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