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Review| Blincon Elegance Crystal Grey

I bought a pair of these for a long time ago and I've only gotten the chance to wear them now because I was lazy. I bought them from but apparently the website is no longer open, so now, if I wanted to get another pair, I might have to go to

This is the packaging. It's very simple. Not as pretty as the packaging from Bauch and Lomb's Lacelle lenses. Instructions to wear them are inside the box, you gotta tear the box to read it. 

I don't have any eyesight power so my SPH is 0.0. The diameter is slightly bigger than the normal ones that I have, which is at 0.2 increase. These lenses are for 3 months period, which I suggest you to dump all lenses few weeks before the "end date."

Under white background, the colours on these lenses are yellow, grey, slightly blue and dark grey.

Under human skin, the lens looks like this. I'm not sure bout you but I can definitely tell that this is just a lot bigger than I should wear.

Here's a comparison. My left eye literally look a lot bigger than my right eye, thanks to the lens.

Here's after wearing both of them.

Overall opinions:
These lenses gave me a heartattack because I was hoping to wear a One-Month grey contacts that looks Au Natural. Almost like the Bausch and Lomb Lacelle lenses I've tried months ago. I genuinely wasn't expecting it to be so bright and awakening-like...and to be a Three-Month set. 

These lenses weren't moisturizing but they aren't drying as well... well, for the moment. I find them easy to wear and because the inner circle was so wide, I have less issues like the blurry visions I had with FreshLook's lenses. (Those were terrible but then I still buy some of them because they are cheaper.) I genuinely do like the printing design on these lenses because they don't look too fake/faux/unnatural. 

Design : 9 / 10
Comfort : 6 / 10
Price: $$

I also took pictures under different lighting:
Indoor - More Light 

Outdoor - 11am 

Indoor - Inside the car 

Indoor - Medium Light 3pm 

Will I buy again?

I'm planning to buy other colors as well. 


That's all for this post!

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