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Journal | Airbnb - Villa Lot 1628, Port Dickson

Villa Lot1638

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

This villa is located next to a petrol station and you can easily find your way there through Waze. It's very close by to a McDonald's drive-thru too! Pretty convenient if you have a midnight craving.

When you arrive, you'll see a line of parking spaces for you to park. The pavement is made with stones so you might wanna take that into consideration if you have car tires that can't withstand stones or your car is too precious for that. The other end of the location is probably for the staff or owners to go in and out with their cars.



The buildings are rather modern and have a really nice designer touch to them. There's an entertainment room over there with a pool table and rentable floaties. You can identify this room by spotting the bright pink heart shape object inside a dark room on the first floor. The middle of the lot is a swimming pool that's rather deep. I'm a 150cm and I needed to point my toes in order to keep my chin off the water.

All these lots can be rented out as a family suite or single room suite. We booked a single room with a bathtub, which I'll be showing you in a bit.

Beside the pool, there's a public lounge area. You can sit there and chill or eat your meals there if you'd like. The area is open from 8:30am until 10:30pm. After 10:30pm, the entire area will be dark and no sounds should be emitted. There'd be a penalty if not mistaken.

There's an open kitchen for you to use. They've prepared a microwave, some utensils and a drinking water station for your convenience.

Right behind the kitchen is the public washroom.

You can also take a shower inside before jumping into or after jumping out of the pool

At night, the pool looks like this:

This area seemed to be like a staff's accommodation room for me.
I don't know, I didn't explore.


Private Suite Room

Villa Lot1638
RM 260.83/night | Minimum: 1 night.

Our lot requires us to walk up a fleet of stairs. If you have heavy luggage, then good luck. Luckily my partner is a strong guy, otherwise, I'll be struggling. 

The flooring is smooth so if you wanna walk barefooted, go ahead.

This is the room door. Rather small but it's fine.

The bed is located at the far end of the room accompanied by two-bed stands. A small light can be found underneath one of the bed stands, I find it convenient because we didn't have to leave the bathroom lights on when we sleep. So the room can be darker and we can sleep in easier.

There is a working table right next to a closet. Inside the closet, there's a small hairdryer. We didn't use that because we brought our own powerful one. The air conditioner is okay too. 

There's a TV situated right in front of the bed and the sofa with a coffee table in the between. There is also an Astro system available with all the free channels (no Disney channel or cartoon network, just in case you have kids). There are some instant coffee packs on top of the mini fridge with. A water kettle and two bottles can be found there too. The plugs in the room are sufficient for two normal people too. If not mistaken, about 6 plugs available.

This is our window view towards the villa lot.
Another window shows nothing but green sceneries. 

This is our bathroom. It's very small as compared to the photos provided on Airbnb. It has the modern-concrete designer feel to it. There are two body towels and a face tower available. The floor mat is right behind the toiletries. There's a shower gel, shampoo, vanity kit, shower cap and another thing that I can't remember. They don't provide toothbrush and/or toothpaste if not mistaken.

The bathroom is really smaller than expected but hey, it's still clean... OR IS IT THO?

We found that the water running down from the bathtub will take a very long time to flow into the drain. It's that or they never flow. The puddle is just right there. Right at the door. We had to jump across the puddle every time we want to use the sink.

Quite honestly, we were expecting the bathtub to be bigger but it's a single-person bathtub so... Oh well. You can use the big shower head on top, the small one in the middle, or the little tap near the bathtub. Pretty good heater but sometimes it's too hot and sometimes it's too cold. Water pumps find too but it feels like it slows down a couple of seconds after 10 seconds intervals.

So this is what the bathtub looks like. Pretty cramp for two people to be honest.

I had to clean around the bathtub for a little because it can be slightly dusty and there is some rusty-orange coloured residue nearby the bathtub. There's no non-slip rubber mat in the bathtub and there's a small stool for you to get in and out. So, be careful when you do, folks! We don't want any injuries during a getaway trip now, do we?



Quite honestly, I really do like this place. It has an amazing ambience and not to mention: GREAT MUSIC PLAYLIST! They play music in the general area to make the entire villa lot feeling more cheerful. The exterior design is very modern and the pool is big enough for 3 families. Also, you're required to pay RM200 of refundable deposit prior to checking in and they also want you to sign a few papers. Make sure you read them before signing. They'll still have a sheet of important reminders in the room but not as fully described as the contract.

Our room appeared to be a lot smaller than we've anticipated (refer to Google drive files under Airbnb Photos Screenshot for comparison) and the curtains were actually wonky. One side of the window had a laundry clipper on it for you to fully close the curtains. They're not blinders so you can still get sunlight into the room when the sun is up. Great room lighting during the day and when the night comes, the room can be pitch black. After turning the lights on, the room still seems a little dark for the ambience's sake. To those who are picky about where and how they sleep, you might want to bring your own pillow if you hate soft pillows. All the four pillows are mushy soft and the bed is rather hard too. There aren't any bolsters, by the way. There isn't much entertainment in this villa lot beside the pool. Their Astro doesn't have paid subscription channels and we ended up watching a very, very old re-run of Runningman (first season, if not mistaken) through NTV7.

The door has a bit of an issue, by the way. At one point, we were stuck in our room when the staff rang our doorbell to hand us the scissors that we asked for (which they took some time to bring us the pair of scissors) and in order to get the door open, we had to jam the door into the closing direction before being able to open it. The staff just stood outside and didn't know what to do too ๐Ÿ˜ถ. All the staffs are friendly and full of smiles. I really love that ๐Ÿ˜Š Though, the numbers on the counter doesn't work. I had to text the manager just to get a pair of scissors. But then right after that, I found a new number from the guides they've provided after they confirmed my booking on Airbnb. They really should update their info everywhere.

Overall, its a nice place in Port Dickson to stay but uhm. Pros and cons, I suppose.



Things you need to know before booking:

  • For our room, the Airbnb listing has photos of two different rooms and bathroom. I'm a person who likes to know what to expect (aka I'm one of those who likes spoilers), so I went to clarify with the host before our trip. At first, she was defensive (at least that's what I felt, which to-be-honest I don't know what for; I'll put the screenshots of our conversation from Airbnb in the google drive file along with the photo proves of the listing. Disclaimer though, I didn't see anywhere that says I can't disclose the chat and besides, the sharing is for fair use only.) but after telling her that I just want to know which room to expect, she clarified to me that we're getting the smaller room with a bathtub. I'm happier after knowing because I don't have to guess this and that, which stresses me out. If you like a surprise, then sure, keep it that way.
    • If you want a bigger room for the same price, ask for the Private Pool View Suite.
  • You might wanna pray that no families with many kids are around during your stay. I'm talking about 10 kids. They'll ignore the rules and the kids would start shouting near 8am. They stopped shouting and crying at 10pm though. Impressed by the parents who had to deal with all the craziness. Also, we came here excitedly for photo ops by the pool but they were ALWAYS in the pool so yea, that was ruined but ngeh, we're gonna do that in other places then.
    • Moral of the story: check with the host to see if there would be families around during your trip so you know what to expect. 
  • They have more listing for Villa 1638 so check those out before you book because you won't know if you prefer another room instead! (That's what happened to us ๐Ÿ˜‹)
  • The photos can be confusing. Contact the host if you need to! Don't do all the guesswork and get disappointed in the end ๐Ÿ˜–.

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That's all for this post!

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