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Review| Barbie Eyesland Contact Lenses in Icy Grey, Iris Brown, Iris Green

It's been quite a few months ever since I had the urge to buy from Barbie Eyesland because they offer really inexpensive contact lenses (starting from RM25 to RM30) that lasts about 3 months. Majority of their photos looked good too. Although I've recognised some designs are basically identical to the ones from Korean brands (e.g.: Galaxy lens from Lens-Me), I'm still curious to know how their lenses feel like on my eyeballs. 

Before I actually bought it, I was invited to try their lenses (a huge thank you for the experience! 💖). They offered 3 pairs of lenses and I chose a grey (it's my default colour), a green (to show my bf that it can look natural; was my favourite), and a brown (this is actually my first brown). When I was choosing these, I wanted to get those that are natural looking. While I was at it, I let my boyfriend choose one design, in which he chose Icy Grey, while I decide the remaining two (Iris Green & Iris Brown). 

The parcel came with 3 sets of contact lenses, 3 sets of transparent cases, and a set of bear casing with a plier and an applicator. They've put in some candies too. 

Barbie Eyesland
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So, Barbie Eyesland is a Malaysian online contact lens shop opened in 2012 that sells really affordable contact lenses starting from RM25 per pair. Their "top priority" is to "provide you with the highest quality service and original goods." Their lenses are all handcrafted by Malaysians and you can also enjoy free shipping from purchasing any 1 item or more (Malaysia only). They ship to Singapore as well. If you're unsatisfied with the items, you can enjoy an unconditional refund within 14 days (T&C applies).

Now, they have very simple packaging, with plastic outer packaging and glass bottled sealed with a rubber cap that is wrapped around by a piece of aluminium. The back of the packaging consists of directions but I've been wearing coloured contact lenses for about 4 years or so, so I'll put it aside. 

If you're new to wearing coloured contact lenses, navigate to the bottom of the post for instructions on how to wear it.

Each of the bottles would also have the design name and colour labelled on top of the cap so that you can identify them. Over here, you can see the labels for my Iris Green and Iris Brown bottles. They are also labelled with eye power so that you wouldn't mix them up.

How to open

Here's a short explanation on how to open the containers.

Locate the arrow from the aluminium that is attached to the cap.

Follow the arrow and peel open the cap in that direction. Twist the aluminium around to remove the entire seal so that you can open the cap.

You may encounter the same issue that I had, which the aluminium seal broke in the middle of removal. Just use a pair of scissors or pliers to pluck it open and that will do. It's relatively easy to do so because the aluminium is malleable. 

Pop the cap open and remove the lenses from the bottles.



Although these are given to me to write a review, I'll still write this according to how I feel about it so that this review can still maintain it's genuineness. 


The pictures shown on the website are slightly different than what I would've expected as to when I wore these lenses. On the website, the lenses seemed to look more natural and blended in with the eye colour. In real life, it appears to be more pixelated (than my liking). For example, the Iris series looked bigger in the picture than when I wore them although it was already stated that the size is 13.5mm (the whole lens including transparent parts would be 14mm).

Amongst the three designs, I prefer Icy Grey the most because it blends into my eye colour better than the other two. Although, it could use a bit more pigment on the grey since the colour is a little harder to notice from far. The second design that I'd go about is the Iris Green and the last would be Iris Brown. Quite frankly, after wearing these lenses, I personally do not prefer Iris Brown because it looked more like a gold-hazel than a brown. While I enjoy looking like a Cullen, I actually still prefer my eyes to look more natural, especially when I'm still a mortal. (This is a Twilight reference.)

* These are based on the critiques that I have on these particular designs only. From my blogger friends' photos, their chosen lenses looked pretty okay. 

All the bottles have the same labels


Just as some of my friends would agree to this, the comfortability of these lenses varies from day to day. I've tried lenses ranging from RM45, RM60 to RM80 and each of these price range offers different comfortability so I'm just going to assess the comfortability of these Barbie Eyesland lenses based on the RM25 price tag.

Stated on the packaging: 62% Polymacon, 38% water

They are surprisingly okay. I was able to see through the lenses without being blocked by the designs. Sometimes I wear them from morning till night and I'm still able to drive around safely because my eyes were still clear. However, when it gets dry, it gives me a headache. I had a bad headache once after wearing it for 2 hours but I let it subside by consistently breathing and blinking more. I would also occasionally get the blurry vision out of nowhere. The frequency of getting blurry vision is slightly more than lenses with higher price tags.

Wearing these lenses, you really need to blink a lot. I would suggest wearing it no longer than 4 hours just to make sure that you don't stress your eyes out.


So far, they still perform quite decently for the price of RM25. I would say that these are utterly perfect for people who really needed to wear coloured lenses for a longterm period and needed to purchase them within a budget. However, these are not recommended for those who can be picky.

So far my experience with Barbie Eyesland has been going well. The lenses are doing fine and the staffs are really quick at resolving issues. During the highest peak of CNY, they had to send out a large number of orders before PosLaju closes for CNY and because of that, I received one wrong item which I immediately messaged them about it. They were super quick about the issue and sent me the correct item a.s.a.p. when they returned to work after their CNY holidays.

My preference still stands for lenses that are slightly more expensive mainly because I have a strong preference for comfort. Not to say that these aren't comfortable but they can definitely be more comfortable than they already are. However, if I need some affordable lenses immediately, I would buy from Barbie Eyesland. They really do arrive quickly.

New Learner

If you're new to wearing coloured contact lenses, basically
  1.  Shake the container to see if there is any tearing on the lenses. You should do this before opening the packaging so that you report product defect and exchange for a new product.
  2.  Make sure your hands are clean before doing anything else and you have to keep the lenses either within your palms or your eyeballs. Never drop them anywhere else.
  3.  Open the packaging, remove the lenses from it, rinse with the multipurpose solution and then place them into contact lens casing. Soak the lenses with the multipurpose solution for a few hours before wearing (sometimes I just ignore the soaking part and wear them after I've rinsed them with both the solutions).
  4.  When you want to wear it, wash your hands again and take the lenses out. Remember to rinse with the multipurpose solution then saline water before applying them onto your eyes. Slowly aim your iris while you leave the other eye to see (don't block it with your hand/palm). Keep calm when you do it and use one finger each to keep the upper lid and lower lid open if you need to. Move the lens around until it fits nicely onto your eyeball without any air bubbles.
    • I use ring fingertip for lower lid while the inner side of my index finger holds my lashes and upper lid up so that everything is out of the way.
    • Dump the solution in the casing, wash it and let it air dry. I always rinse the casing with the multipurpose solution before I put my lenses back in.
    • The multipurpose solution is to kill germs and cleanse the lenses. Saline water allows your eyes to take in the lenses easier because it resembles tears in our eyes. I do not recommend wearing lenses directly after the multipurpose solution without rinsing with saline.
  5.  When you want to remove it, wash your hands again, use your index fingertip to move the lenses away from your iris while you look away. Then pinch the lenses to remove it from your eyes. Once removed, rinse with multipurpose solution, rub the lenses with your fingertip to remove the protein and dirt off the lenses and then rinse one last time. Place the lenses into the casing and soak them with the multipurpose solution.
  6. You're suggested to change the casing every month but I usually change it after my lenses got expired after a month or three. 
    • You'd get a free casing every time you buy a set of solutions. 
    • I do not prefer getting cheaper solutions because they don't feel as good as those that have quality (which, unfortunately, costs a bit more too). 

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