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Foodie| Châteraisé Patisserie Desserts - Strawberry Daifuku, Coffee Cream Puff, Soufflé Cheese Cake, Coffee Jelly, Dorayaki

My boyfie and I were near Tealive in Gardens, Midvalley and we couldn't think of which dessert shop to go for, even though Gardens and Midvalley have quite a wide variety of it. Then this shop popped in my mind because it was in the Jaya Grocer store near Tealive. I've always had an idea that this store is good but was never really going to purchase until I had to sit down somewhere and eat something that is light and sweet.

This Japanese dessert shop was apparently the bomb when it started a branch in Malaysia back in 2016 but I don't usually see many people purchasing this because of the price tags for those desserts that were directly imported from Japan.

Anyway, we stood there for quite a long time, trying to figure out what to buy because, quite frankly, I wanted everything except for the coffee desserts. However, coffee is very much my boyfriend's favourite so it automatically became one of my options too. Our budget was RM37 and we chose 5 items which resulted in a final bill of RM34.20.

We ordered 4 packet-desserts and a cake. The staff placed a couple of cold packs inside the cake box and the paper bag to keep the desserts from melting. Here's a list of my items ranked from best to meh.

Strawberry Daifuku

(Mochi Cream)
Rm 4.70


Daifuku is basically mochi filled with pastes. The inserts could be anything. It can be bean paste or fruit paste. I chose strawberry daifuku because I kept seeing it on my IGstory feed and I couldn't help it.

The mochi has cream wrapped in strawberry jam, mochi skin and then with some (probably) confectioner's sugar on the outside. It's very soft and a little mushy. I can't seem to hold it without denting it, that's why it looked out of shape when I was holding it.

I do apologize for the ugly eating but it was literally how the mochi behaved. The cream was rather at the bottom half of the mochi instead of being in the centre and wrapped inside the strawberry paste (as shown in their food display).

Now, hunney. This was good. This was really good. It's not so sweet to the point where you start to shiver. The level of sweetness was shockingly well-levelled. Even my boyfriend, who isn't fond of sweetness, was surprised by how amazing it is. The mochi doesn't stick to your teeth (I'm wearing braces) but it does stick a little onto your fingers. It was a little expensive but I think the price is justified by its taste and quality.

Double Chou Cream Puff Coffee

(Double Fantasy Cream Puff)


My boyfie picked this over the coffee flavoured daifuku, which was entirely fine by me because this cream puff actually tastes really, really nice. Before I get into it, here's the food label for the cream puff:

The outside was still crusty enough to bite without feeling mushy (after being imported from Japan). Now the infographic available from the food display suggested that the cream puff is filled with half cream and half flavoured custard cream. So when I saw this, I was tat-bit disappointed.

HOWEVER, the coffee custard cream was not too strong with the coffee taste at all. It was just on the exact line for coffee-holics (my boyfriend is kinda addicted to coffee) and non-coffee lover (me, that's me. I never liked coffee). The texture kinda felt like ice cream as well. The cream puff crust was easy to bite into but I was completely shocked by the coldness of the cream. It was literally like biting into ice cream. 

Soufflé Cheese Cake 



I love cheesecake. I really love cheesecake. This was the first thing I saw and wanted to buy and I did. I bought it. I was really excited before trying it and I did. I tried it. Here's how I feel it.

It tasted fine. It felt really soft and it melts in the mouth but I'm thinking that the taste could be a little heavier with the cheese and probably the orange juice. I'm not even sure if I'm right about the orange taste because I do taste a hint of it but yeah. It's a decent cheesecake. It's probably one of my Top 5 because there isn't a lot of amazing cheesecake here. Overall, it was still okay. 


(Azuki Bean Pancake)


If you don't know what's dorayaki, it's a type of dessert made with pancake and red bean paste. It is also Doraemon's favourite food. I was feeling a small craving for red bean paste so this was immediately in my shopping cart too. Here's the food label for the dorayaki:

The pancake was decent and the red bean paste was a little bit plain. I mean, you can definitely taste the red bean but it was not sweet enough to be called as a dessert. It felt more like breakfast food. It was soft to bite and not mushy but it can get a little crumbly as you bite into it. 

The red bean paste also has skin and cooked-bean chunks so you will get a little chewing going on with the red bean paste. A few of the skin did get between my braces and my teeth too so you might want to check your teeth afterwards without looking like your gums are bleeding.

Coffee jelly



This is also my boyfriend's choice of dessert. This coffee jelly was said to be produced "with Hakushu water and the milkiness of pure cream from Hokkaido". I made coffee jelly for my boyfie before but we have yet to try authentic Japanese coffee jelly so we really wanted to try this. Here's the food label for the coffee jelly.

The coffee jelly comes with a squeeze of cream on top. It also came with a small spoon. My boyfie was not really into the cream and said that the coffee jelly was better off without it. It's not a big cup but the coffee taste was very strong. I'm talking about Kopi-O (black coffee) level of strength which really turned me off. 

The texture felt like crystal jelly. There are many textures for jelly such as slurpy smooth, thick smooth, tough smooth or even chewy chunks like agar agar. This one has a texture like it splits into many smaller chunks which were not what our preferences so it kinda had to be the bottom contestant for this round.

That's all! 

That's all for the items that we purchase this round. I do think that I will go back and make another purchase again but right now I want to show you pink desserts that I find really intriguing. 

Other cute desserts

That's all for this post! If you want to give these desserts a shot, visit one of Châteraisé Patisserie branches! List of branches are available down below:

Chateraise @ KLCC
Isetan Concourse Floor Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Daily : 10:00am - 10:00pm
03 2181 4632

Chateraise @ One Utama
Isetan 2nd Floor 1 Utama Shopping Centre,Lot G102, F101 & S101,1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,Bandar Utama City Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Monday - Sunday : 10:00am - 10:00pm
03 7732 3137

Chateraise @ Publika
A4-G2-03 Solaris Dutamas, no1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Daily : 10:00am - 10:00pm
03 6206 4082

Chateraise @ The Gardens Mall
LG-229-1, Lower Ground Floor, The Garden Mall
Daily : 10:00am - 10.00pm
0 11 3766 1792

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