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Review| JOUI Premium Sanitary Pads - Joy of Using It

Joy of Using It

Premium Sanitary Pads

JOUI invited me to try out their premium sanitary pads and wanted me to tell you that they are about to launch real soon. They also have a launching event which will be mentioned at the end of this blog post. Do read up what sorts of pads these are and maybe you'll want to join the event even more.

Liner pads are part of my essentials now. I know that there are reusable ones out there but honestly, I don't have a lot of time to deal with the bloodstains every single day. Blood stains aren't easy to get rid of, is what I've learned from over a decade of bleeding from my southern area. I generally use liner pads because I have spotting from using hormonal items, which is a normal side effect but it tends to get a little annoying when I stain my underwear on the day I thought I wouldn't have any spotting. That's why, right now, I'm wearing it every day.

I'm still unsure why sanitary pads are still a taboo in the society but right here in my territory, it is not. However, while I'm very open about using them on a daily basis, I would still feel a little shy to wave my pads around people who aren't my family members or my boyfriend since it's such an obvious packaging. It's just something about the packaging that kinda associates with being shamed by my peers back when I was 12 and they didn't know better. Not to mention how society reacts to it. Ugh.

At this point though, having to use sanitary pads that don't look like one can really ease my mind in which is what JOUI is offering. If anything, they look like biscuits in packets or powdered drinks that you have to mix with water before drinking. The premium packaging allows you to bring it around, even waving it around strangers or in front of your colleague and their first guess will never be "sanitary pads." They will never know.... until they get closer or open up the packet of course. Not to mention, the packaging also acts as a disposable bag for the used pads, which can be very helpful because imagine changing pads in someone else's house or in the office washroom and your used pads are just so obvious in the trash bin.

For me, clean pads are fine but I'm kinda embarrassed about used pads. I mean, wouldn't anyone feel totally okay with a clean tissue but is grossed out by used tissue? That's how I feel about it. Hence, this is why JOUI comes in real handy.


The box itself looks like a box of powdered collagen drink. You can place it anywhere and nobody will guess that it's a box of sanity pads because they never wrote that on the box (or at least not in bigger fonts).

The pads are made of cotton with a soft and slim surface. It is designed to be longer than usual sanitary pads whilst being breathable. It also has a double layer to secure the position down below in order to prevent any leakages. The pads were also made with Cozeft technology which promotes 5 benefits: nanosilver, negative ions, analgesia, rejuvenating cells and far infrared.

A box of pads is generally made to be sufficient for an entire month's supply (30 pieces for liners and 10 pieces each for the other two variety). Of course, depending on one's body condition, you may need more or less than a box. JOUI offers 3 variety of premium sanitary pads: liners (pink), daytime maxi (white) and nighttime ultra (black).


Pink (Liner)

White (Daytime)

Black (nighttime)


It is really longer than my usual liner and I'm not sure if my bottom is just too plumpy because the end of the liner slips between my bums quite easily. Before trying JOUI, I usually wear 1 pad from 7am until 7pm (I know it's unhealthy but it's fine for me so far) and throughout the second half of the day, I can notice some odour already. After trying JOUI, it hasn't really been given me many problems. The odour control is rather good and at the end of the day, there was only minimum odour.

So far, I've been using only one particular brand of sanitary pads for all sorts of occasions and from the photos below and you can definitely see the differences in size and design. The ultra sized (black) was about the same length (32cm) but it had extra designs on it.


I personally think that these pads are well thought out for us ladies who have more issues than just the length and odour control. The larger pads cover more areas, including the sides and bottom of the pad, i.e.: the exposed areas that weren't always covered by pads, which always get stained because the pads always move around or away from where it should be. Having a protection layer from the blood stains really helps me to feel relief from all the scrubbing and soaping the underwears, every. single. day.

The extra length also helps to lessen my concerns because there are many times that blood just slips further upwards than where it should've stopped. Hence, with the extra length, there will be no more leaks on the underwear, the pants, the bedsheet, the duvet and the mattress cover. 

So, yes, I do think it's worth a try to see if this would ultimately become your only choice of sanitary pad brand. It may still be pads but it will change up your lifestyle up to a certain level. 

Launch Celebration!

They are now giving out 1000 boxed for FREE. Don't miss out on their launching date! Their launch date is 17th May 2019.

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