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Korea 2019| Ewha University & District [Eros Fortunetelling Cafe, Woono, Yooksam Naengmyeon, Lucistar, Paris Baguette, Artbox]

What's up in here?

You can walk into -what I call- the Hogwarts of South Korea and explore the university as a tourist! At the same time, there are plenty of mainstream shops here but I will be focusing on the following stores:

  1. Lucistar - a nice accessories shop to go
  2. Woono - my fav accessories shop
  3. Eros Cafe - for fortune-telling!
  4. Clothing stores around Ewha
  5. Great stall for really good chicken kebab sticks ๐Ÿ˜‹
  6. Yooksam Naengmyeon - cold noodles great for cooling you down!
  7. Paris Baguette - lots of amazing looking bakeries!
  8. Artbox - not the Thailand one but more of stationaries!


All you need to do is to go to take the Subway Line 2 and stop at the Ewha Women's University Station. You can exit in different gates but the best is Exit 3. I'll write a guide about how to navigate with the general map and the subway map in a later post.

Right before you exit, you can see Lucistar right next to the staircase. Do take a look as you may find cheap and very pretty looking accessories but save most of your money for later because I have a great recommendation for you!

I bought only these items and they cost me ₩32600 in total.
You can check out photos in details through my full haul list here.

After that, exit to Exit 3 and slowly walk passed the shopping district to the university, which takes about 10-20 mins to walk, depending on which route and what speed you went with.

Ewha University

๐ŸŒ… Day View ๐ŸŒ…

You'll know it's Ewha if you walked into a compound looking like this.

Ewha (pronounced as Ee-wah) is beautiful regardless of what time you go. It looks like a Modern version of Hogwarts placed in South Korea. Everything is so well-built here with their aesthetics in place. 

You can find unique architects, such as the underground walkway (photos below in Evening View) and even building inspired by European Churches here. That's probably how I got the Harry Potter vibes from. 

Look at this and tell me it's not pretty. I bet you can't.

Since it's harder to take photos by using an impromptu phone stand, aka all the boulders, street decor and even the stairs (left photo from below), I ended up just asking my travel buddy to help me out with this.

You're looking at a few photos with this background but trust me, there were at least 100 photos of me trying to pose here. 

Ended up looking okay. The trick was to have me standing in the middle of the staircase and then my human tripod has to stand about 5 steps below, aiming at least 3 inches above my ankles.

Also, there will be lots of people walking around so it might take a while if you want to take really good photos without anyone near you. Unless you're really lucky where you took a few good photos with a good pose, good hair and good face without having anyone near you.

Wanna take selfie also difficult tbh... >w<

It's like there will be a photobomber around every 2 minutes.

You'll find a small alley right next to the staircase and it's even harder to take photos here.

The sun was really pretty that day so don't mind me, I'm taking countless selfies again.

Would be great if I can do this in Malaysia often but the weather is just so hot and humid ><

Alright, alright. Last row and we're moving forward :p

Gift Shop & Welcome Centre

Not only that they have cool buildings, they have their very own gift shops and even sells badges that have different colour coordinations for different schools (sadly they don't have School of Psychology, I also didn't like their business one because it's in brown).

So, you'll walk downstairs through the gift shop glass door right next to the guardhouse that leads you down here.

It's almost like a mini theatre room for tourists.
You can also ask for help from the receptionist counter.

They have a long pan of historical information for you to read through as well.

The camera zone is where you take photos in a photo booth.
I didn't do that because I wasn't interested.

You can sit here if you're tired. I mean, most visitors coming in a larger group would definitely need seats since there's a lot of walking going on in South Korea.

They also have informative videos for you to watch as you rest. 

Before walking into the gift shop, I also noticed this. It's pretty interesting to read.

It's mainly about how they came about with this school and their logo.

Walking behind the Welcome Counter (photo above), you will find yourself looking at the main gift shop in the university compound. There's another in the underground section but I didn't have time to take photos because they were about to close shop.

You can find a lot of their outerwear here.
Heck, they even have designs for your pet dog.

I think these are the Pink Sakura edition for the Spring Season.

Tried wearing them and I really liked it but guess how much is one jacket?

It's about RM300 and I honestly can't fork out that much for a jacket.
I'm quite sad about it, actually.

They also have the ones that have embedded leather or just lightweight sports type.

Aside from that, they also have amazing gift items and souvenirs for you to send it to other people. Although they may not be able to relate to the university.

More items such as house decorations and tools.

They do sell bags here. All sorts of bags. You want big? They have it big and plenty of designs. You want small? They have it in all sorts of smallness and different cuttings. You can also find the badges, keychains and other items here. Those are the badges that I mentioned previously.

๐ŸŒ† Evening View

Evening view happened when I came here late afternoon one day. (This was supposed to be my first day here. The Day View was from my second time visiting). I told you, it still looks very beautiful here! Students and tourists are still walking around the campuses like they do in a normal neighbourhood.

First thing you've got to do: take a nice photo by their blossoming wall near the guardhouse!

Walk towards the centre and take more selfies! >w<

Just! More selfies!

This spot!!! Never forget to take a photo here too!

A lot of people will be walking around so you really do need to find a nice timing.

One best tip is to just take continuous shots and don't even bother about what other people might think of your actions. Just. Do. It. !!

Turn around. Wiggle around.
Just do your thanggg, hunney!

Peace signs and hair-flipping are totally welcomed too!

The underground section is totally iconic and they house a lot of shops here too! I didn't get to take photos because I was kind of preoccupied.

Walk further into the walkway and you will find a flight of stairs.

Keep posing, keep posing!
Well, not a lot of photos this time because my poses were bad.
But that's how we learn, ladies!

Last selfies before I leave this place for good.

๐ŸŒ‡ Night View

The night view happened immediately after my stairway photos.

The blue sky and the lights illuminating softly around the compound.

 It was really a sight....!

I think I'll really want to walk into the campus once again and just fully take in the whole aesthetics of the university during my next visit to South Korea.

I didn't have a better photo just now but this is how the blossom wall looks like. It's immediately at the entrance/exit. The streets of the shopping district were also illuminated too!

Shopping District

The shopping district is separated in two main streets (at least that's how it really felt like). The photos above direct you to the right side of the district if you're facing away from the university. The left side is from the Night View section just now.

That being said, let's go shopping!

Shopping tips!

Mainstream branches like Etude House, Innisfree, Banila.Co and others have way lesser crowds here and better samples. They also have better ranges as well! If you're into O-lens, I do suggest buying it here as they do offer a tax refund. Another option is to try shopping malls like Hyundai City Outlet (coming soon). I do not encounter any branches that offer the same feature in Hongdae, Myeongdong and anywhere else. 


Ladies, you must shop here. Things here are cheaper than the majority of the mainstream places that I've gone to and I swear, they're the same things but they sell them cheaper here!

They have tons of rings. Even for your little finger! Lots and lots of earrings here as well as bracelets and the current trend - pearl hair clips. So many beautiful things here! You can read my full blog post about it here:

More photos of what they sell available in this blog post:

Here's a sample of what they do sell. Aren't they pretty?!

Even the Ewha gift shop (underground one) sells the same items but they're either the same price (rarely) or more expensive!

I've spent like a total of ₩92000 (RM323; $78) here. 
I've shown all these items in my dedicated blog post too!

Eros Fortunetelling Cafe

I didn't know about this place until I googled it up in Hongdae street (which was after my first visit to Ewha district). I came back here, not just to shop for accessories again, but also to get my fortune told. I like what the guy said because he was quite accurate based on my past experiences with fortunetellers. I was given a lot of fortunetelling but they were mostly focusing on my parents so this was my first time to focus on my self and get a deeper insight. You can check out who's my interpreter (limited English interpreter) and find out what he said about me from the button below.

More photos of what they sell available in this blog post:

Clothing street

There is a street dedicated to clothes and I wasn't really into the idea of shopping these clothes because let's be honest, you can totally buy a similar thing on Taobao. Besides, I wasn't here for clothes. I was here for cosmetics, skincare and accessories.

If you're a little naughty, naughty, you can venture into this store here. They sell things that are pretty much what Santa would call as the Naughty List Toys. Also, I didn't get to visit it (yes, I would love to walk in and look around) but I found this set of funny "banana gloves" from a store.

Best Chicken Sticks

I s2g, this is the best chicken stick I've eaten in South Korea so far. This ajjusshi was really nice and he puts in the effort to make sure that the chicken is still tender while being fully-cooked but not burned. You can identify this store through the photos of the surrounding below. He's located pretty close to Exit 1.

There are two flavours available: Salt and Spicy Sauce.
I tried both and I love both of them.

Eat nearby his stall is also convenient as you can throw the sticks there after eating. He will also actively help you to cut the sticks so that you can eat it with ease. 

The other stall in Myeongdong night street didn't even bother to help, he just asked me to do it on my own. That guy also asked me to eat further away from his stall so that the sauce won't drip onto his station. ๐Ÿ˜’

Yooksam Naengmyeon

Well, it is what it is as said in its name: Naengmyeon aka cold noodles. They offer a decent meal price and I really liked their meat and their soup. However, if you find it hard to chew really chewy things, then this might not be the place to go. Find out more in my blog post through the button below.

More photos of what they sell available in this blog post:

Paris Baguette

They are a big franchise of bakery store in Seoul and you can find a lot of deliciously looking baked goods here. Same goes to salad, sandwiches, fruits & juices, yoghurt, cream cheese and more! Also, I know I categorized this as "Others" in the directory list but I wasn't sure where it was. I figured it fit into Ewha better in my memory so I put it here. They are literally available almost everywhere in Seoul so don't worry about it.

More photos of what they sell available in this blog post:


Anyway, there's a nearby place you can visit and it's ARTBOX!

They sell a lot of items ranging from stationeries, accessories, bags, workstation stuff, mini electrical supplies, power bank (genuine ones, like for real) and even batteries, cosmetics and skincare products!

There are plentiful of masks and makeup tools here too.

Need hair bands? They've got you!
Need random keychains or watches? They've got you too!

Makeup bags do come in different sizes and cuttings as well as designs. You can find KAKAO stuff here as well. Like, look at those umbrellas!

Travelling tools, hair tools and even cosmetic tools are available here along with things like jean sticker-patches and other types of stickers.

The store is really big and they seriously sell almost everything (that's small) you might need here.

They don't just have super cartoony designs.
You can find subtle designs here as well.

Gifting culture also made gifting tools really accessible here.

Plushies! They also sell all sorts of plushies here.
Heck, they even have giant Stitch and Rilakkuma.

More paper-related products as you walk further between the isles.

They have a centre table which contains a lot of random items.
Next to that, you can also find things like hairdryer, straightener, clocks and etc

I swear, things here are almost limitless.
Like I get that you might not need them, but yo.
They found a market for these things.

Even got a section for Korea souvenirs.
More clocks for you in case you have trouble waking.

Masks are widely used here. I should've gotten one while I was there.
It may be cheaper but oh well.

More doggo and catto socks and umbrellas uwu

I guess letters are still a thing?
And, dang, Koreans really love stickers a lot.

Back to the centre table. They've got hand mirror here for self-conscious folks, like me. Lots of other randomized items too.

Contact lens tools are available as well! Look at the variety yo!

They even have a lens cleaner machine powered by USB cable.

Their cashier counter has lots of Instax films as well. I didn't buy them because I think they are more expensive than buying it here. Nearby the counter, you'll find the cameras and printing machine if you ever need them.

I believe this section is more towards electrical appliances and computer accessories.

Phone covers, power bank, SD card, Pendrive and more.
They satisfy your everyday first-class citizen's need.

Even earphones and airpod casings are wildly sold in Korea.

That's all for the first floor. They have a basement floor and I was too tired to walk down to explore. It was already very late and I wanted to go back to sleep so I left.

That's all for this trip to the Ewha district!
I know it's not a lot but I will definitely venture more into this area the next time. Hope this is informative enough for you and helpful for your planning.

That's all for this post!
Do check out my other posts!
You may find them helpful :D

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