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Paris Baguette

[They don't have a proper website but...]
[They are literally everywhere in Seoul]

Paris Baguette is probably the Secret Recipe in Malaysia but better in many ways. They keep their French Aesthetics along with pretty looking bakery goods. Their cakes seem to be decently priced although you can get better-looking cakes somewhere else, this is also a good bet.

They even sell a variety of beverages and ice cream as well as frozen pizza and/or pasta! You really can't find this sort of bakery store everywhere here in Malaysia. They also sell bakeries in boxes which are great for gifting. 

There are also plenty full of bread along with bottled jam.
I think they sell yoghurt too!

We were there near supper time so the majority of the available food such as salad and sandwiches were sold out but they still look good here. 

They also have more varieties of bread beside the chilling table.

I'm not sure what they are going to do with the overnight bread but I'm sure that there will be people coming here to buy bread as their supper or midnight snack. Oh, they also have smaller pots of flavoured cream cheese! I love these with biscuits 💕

There's no way a bakery shop in Korea will not offer their macarons.

Look at them! You have the giant ones and the mini ones.
Even a box of two different flavours!

Here is the pricing in case you are curious.

So, there isn't a lot to talk about Paris Baguette for me because I didn't get to taste their food but I do want to say that they are really everywhere. You can relax and not worry about not having bread for breakfast or dinner. The pictures that I've shown you are for your references to see what do they offer and how much they offer. One of the reasons for me to do this is also because they don't really have a proper website for their product options (?).

Their salad and sandwiches come in different varieties, ranging from fruit to vege, meat and meatless. If you want to eat healthily, you can always give them a try. You can also dine in their store but it really depends on the branch that you're visiting. A few of the branches that I went to offers table and chairs for eating in.

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