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Review | Althea Brow Wow Brow Pencils (All Colours)

Althea launched their very new eyebrow pencils last month and these are the first brow pencils they have made. During The Butterfly Project Coachella party, I was given a set of 3 (one colour each) and I also happened to try it out on the spot. For some reasons, the product stood out from all the other brow pencils I had. I think it’s because of the sleek packaging and the illustration used. Majority of other brands wouldn’t seem to have put much effort into brow products.

Althea A’Bloom Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil (0.18g | RM15) is currently on promo with RM11 each and you can buy 2 free 1 with the promo code BROW2WOW1. They will also have a pop-up store with an exchanging event in their office building from 23rd – 25th Oct (10am – 6pm). If you bring an old eyebrow pencil (any brand), you can exchange a new Brow Wow pencil of any colour you like. This only applies for the first 50 exchanges.

Features (4)

1. Gel-to-powder formula
2-in1 gel to powder formula: Rich pigmentation in a gel formula that glides onto the brows, setting into a natural powder finish.

2. Precision Tip
A 3D tapered triangular (drop-shaped) tip to effortlessly shape and fill in your brows. Precise expert application.

3. Long-lasting, triple-proof formula
Water, oil and sweat-proof to keep your brows looking good all day. Porous powder and vegetable wax prevents smudging or fading to keep brows in place all day. The porous powder will absorb and reduce sebum oil whilst the vegetable wax protects the applied product against water and sweat.

4. 2-in-1 Applicators
A combination of brow pencil and brow brush to boosts up your makeup routine convenience. No need to bring extra brow brushes whenever you travel.

Colours & Swatches

How to Choose The Right Colour

In order to choose the correct brow pencil colour, you have to think more than just your brow hair. You will need to think about your hair colour as well. If you asked me, I think my preferred colour is Grey Brown. My hair can look light brown under the sun but I’m usually not. On top of that, the colour on my root always looks darker even though I’ve never dyed anywhere above my ears. My brow hair is also darker than my hair so it’s better to use something similar to that.

I have swatched the product on my wrist and on the art paper so that you can see early of how the colour payoff looks like. The right-half is after brushing it out with the spoolie.

How to Use

Draft a shape on your brows, fill in any gaps/sparse area and blend with a spoolie. **Recommended to complete all within 1 minute.

Tips: Prolong its long-lasting duration by setting with a powder. Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder is a great choice.


This product is absolutely easy to use. Not only that the pigments are strong, but the product is also easily glided on the skin. Although, when you first opened the product, I would suggest you swipe a few times on your hand to smooth out the edges first. This is because the newly-opened (aka unused) product tends to have sharper edges. However, after one time of doing so, you don’t need to do that in the future.

I love that it’s really precise and easily controlled as well. This can be hard to achieve when the tip is too large or too tough. That being said, I think the size of the brow pencil tip is just right, with the right thickness and toughness. It does not break easily and I get to use my own hand-strength without worrying (I tend to be very rough with drawing things). But of course, if you are challenging me about this by having the brow pencil ‘lead’ sticking out way too long, you’ll need to go back to science class. Anyone knows that longer yet thinner items break easily than the items with the same thickness but shorter length.


I’ve had so many eyebrow products that are within the same price range (RM13-16), it always goes back to the same brands and the same items. It’s either the Etude House Draw My Brows pencils or Witch’s Pouch Selfie Eyebrow pencils. I tried Innisfree’s on the spot and I wasn’t happy with the fact that it is harder and it has lesser grams than Etude House.

Etude House’s is easy to draw on but it’s not precise enough. It makes a messy scene. On top of that, it will fade off quicker than Witch’s Pouch. Then, Witch’s Pouch is great because they also included a refill within the packaging and the colour payoff is amazing and precise. However, the downside is that the brow ‘leads’ hardens overtime at a very quick speed. Due to that, the ‘leads’ will also break off the holder very easily.

In my opinion, I feel that Althea’s Brow Wow is like the best of both worlds.

That will be all for this review! I hope you have enjoyed some nice visuals of my brows (and my contact lens; blog post coming soon. Hi, How Are Ya?). Come back for another blog post soon! I’ll see ya then ;)

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