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Take a Look | Butterfly X AHC Workshop


On the 9th of November, the AHC team and Luxasia held a workshop from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at their training room in Northpoint Midvalley. It was a really memorable experience because we were told to attend with our bare faces and fit the occasion and AHC brand with brown or white outfits.

This is my first time working with AHC and visiting the Luxasia training room. I wasn't sure what to expect but as we walked into the room, it felt really comfortable and welcoming. The lights were balanced with white, warm, and natural sunlight. The room felt pretty open even though it was filled with tables and chairs.


On every table, there will be a set of products for the demo activity, two brushes, two paper table covers, two sheets of agendas, a candle, and a glass cup to fill up with the eye cream. We also have a bag of goodies that includes a coupon code (expired on 30th November), a full-sized eye cream, a full-sized toner or lotion, a sheet mask (random), and a small product info leaflet.


In this workshop, the 60 minutes itinerary was as of below:
1. Beauty Ritual with Toner & Lotion
2. Beauty Ritual with Eye Cream for Face
3. Self Appreciation & Self-Love Session
4. Appreciation Message

After that, we would be able to mingle around and enjoy the refreshments. 

Before we jump into the workshop activities, let's look at the star product of this workshop. The main thing that we would be focusing on is using the eye cream on the entire face and neck. Yes, you read that correctly. We are going to use the eye cream on our entire face and neck. Let's look at more of the product's information first:

✨Star Item ✨ AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face PURE​

Purely Natural & Hypoallergenic Anti-Aging Eye Cream
[Brightening + Wrinkle Care]

If you are unfamiliar with AHC, let me give you a brief introduction to this brand. It is the most loved brand in Korea that was created to unveil the radiance of Korean

beauty with the best of Korea's aesthetic clinics. They are also based on the philosophy of AestheBalance with the incorporation of the latest skin science. They aim to get the best skincare results using thoughtful formulation and optimized methods of the products.

AHC's masterpiece - Eye Cream for Face parades a staggering sales record of 71.11 million purchases since its launch. Infused with proficient skincare know-how and offered at a reasonable price, the eye cream’s unmatched feature has captivated the hearts of women around the globe. This product is also sold every 2 seconds in Korea as its restoration feature claims to help their consumers to turn back time. 

In the picture below, you will see the full range of Eye Cream for Face products from AHC which focuses on different aspects / with different levels of concentration in targeting specific aspects. For this workshop, we will be using the PURE Real Eye Cream for Face (white in colour.)

AHC Eye Cream for Face range is one of Korea's No 1 Eye Cream that hits the Mega Seller Cumulative Sales of 71.11 Million tubes worldwide (38.5% Market Share) since the first 6 seasons product launch (Jan 2015 - Dec 2018), tabulated by Kantar Worldpanel's sales analysis that shows this product had achieved top sales out of all Korean eye creams (period: Sept 2017 - Sept 2018). [Subjects: 9700 ladies at age 15-65 under the market of Premium Eye Care)

* All the above are as stated on their website

[More information removed as they no longer sell this in Malaysia; this is written on the 5th of Sept 2023]

AHC is unique in the sense that they would provide complete information on their website with scientific research recordings (as shown above) so that if anyone is disbelieving their potential, they can check the credibility themselves.  With the product performing so well, it's not surprising to see that they have Oh Yeon Seo and Anne Hathaway as their ambassador for a while! Check out Anne Hathaway's statements in the advertisement here.


Back to the workshop.

Now, this workshop aims to give us a sense of self-care and calmness. The environment was meant to give us comfort whereby calm music was being played and the hosts were spoken in a very soothing manner. Before we begin with skincare, we are told to relax our minds with the calming breathing method. Then, we were told to empty our minds and feel relaxed throughout the event as mental calmness helps with enjoying the process and relaxing our stressed skin.

After that, we were introduced to the beauty ritual composed by AHC to enhance the product's usability and functions. They have given us a guide to follow while we are following the instructions from the main stage. Before we get into the beauty ritual, we would first need to prep our skin.

Prepping our skin was important because it helped to enhance the eye cream's result on our skin and also because we needed cleaner skin to perform the workshop with. As you can see in the picture below, AHC was very generous in providing new and unopened products for this workshop. The product range that we are using is from the Premium Hydra B5. This is also one of their bestselling range, which is easily sold out on Hermo and Watsons.

This range focuses on hydrating and soothing the skin with Vitamin B5. It is quite uncommon to see a product range that focuses on Vitamin B5. Panthenol, a provitamin of B5, is excellent at soothing, softening, and moisturizing the skin. It helps to nurture the skin to its fullest health. This range also has Hyaluronic Acid, an excellent moisture-retaining ingredient. On the other hand, it includes Botanical Sedatives including Portulaca Oleracea and Edelweiss extracts to comfort stressed skin. Essentially, this range is also targeting wrinkles and aims to reduce them.

To start off, we used the toner with the cotton pad to remove dirt and residue from our faces. The toner was surprisingly very cooling on our skin. My table-mate, Cheryl, was also immediately loving this toner. We were a little bumped out when we found out that we both received the lotion as the goodie gift but the lotion was good on its own as well. I ended up purchasing the toner from Hermo because it was on sale and I was given a promotional discount :3

After the toner, we applied the lotion to our 'awakened' skin. The lotion was thick and a little runny but it does not, I repeat, it does not leave any sticky sensation to my skin. It was being absorbed into my skin so quickly that I wasn't able to grasp it.

It was then that I had truly fallen in love with the Premium Hydra B5 range.

After that, we would squeeze a generous amount of eye cream into the cup and use our brush to apply it generously onto our skin. (AHC really be out here giving us full-new-bottle-treatments and I'm just really appreciating the fact that I'm part of this experience. They even walked around and asked if the eye cream we squeezed into the cup was enough and that we could squeeze out more if we wanted to. Me being me, I prefer not to waste products, especially something that is on the level of a holy grail.)


When doing so, we were all given an individual mirror to look at ourselves while we worked on our self-care session. For some reason, having a mirror gives me a sense of comfort. Maybe it just helps me from being self-conscious or having unwanted thoughts, such as thinking if I'm doing right or wrong. In the whole process, everyone was given the freedom to learn without being pointed out as "doing wrong" or not catching up. I love it when this level of freedom is given.

Also, please do not lick the brush like I did. It was for photo purposes.


With the brush, we applied the eye cream generously onto our forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. We were told not to be shy with the amount of eye cream. The brushes were given to us because it would be more hygienic than using our hands to scoop out the products from the cup as we have to share the same cup with our table-mate. 


If you want to do the same beauty ritual, don't forget to apply it to your neck too! After applying the eye cream, we would need to spread the product evenly across our faces. I find this step helps to make the beauty ritual easier since the whole skin would receive the same treatment and nourishment. 

Next, we would follow the guide given (photo below) while we watched the instruction video on the stage. Our hosts had also guided us through a few times before we actually started to perform this beauty ritual so that we would be familiarized with it. 

If you haven't seen my IG stories, here is a compilation of the demonstration that I did on the day of the workshop! Be sure to follow me on Instagram too because I post unorthodox content every day :3

My demonstration is a little bit off because it was recorded and subbed on Instagram. I've attached the video that they used during the workshop so that you can have a better idea of how to perform this beauty ritual.

At the end of the ritual, we were told to breathe in and out and imagine the good things that had happened in the week (for me, it was my boyfriend's presence after not being physically available for 2 weeks). They wanted us to hold onto that thought and just continue our week with that happiness. They also gave us a card that says, "Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or even to control your emotions," and I think it's true. I enjoyed that weekend far more than I had anticipated.

AHC was so kind, they had also provided really yummy refreshments for us after the beauty ritual. The tarts were probably the best tarts I have ever eaten in my whole life. I would kill to eat it again. Other food was great too! For drinks, they had prepared fruit-infused water for us.



I am truly honoured to be part of this relaxing journey with AHC and its masterpiece products. It was really well done and they had nailed it doing a great job at preparing this workshop. The host, aka the Brand Manager, 

AHC does offer a similar workshop to the public. If you had visited my FB page, you would see an announcement for the public workshop. If you missed out, don't feel sad about it. Follow AHC's Facebook page to keep up with the latest information!

Furthermore, great and massive thanks to Eros once again for the amazing photos (posted under the Gratitude section; except the two photos below)! It's still so refreshing to see myself from another point of view besides my own cameras HAHAH

Also, thank you Mamasan for making this event happen :3 It's so special to be given such a wonderful opportunity to open our minds in a skincare workshop.


Thank you, Eros ✨​


Last but not least, thank you Cheryl for being my table-mate in this event! It was fun to be able to gossip a bit after a while>w<

AHC Malaysia

If you would love to see more information from AHC, you can check them out from their social media platform:

If you would try out AHC's products, you can also visit a Watsons branch To purchase, you can also buy it online via Hermo or Watsons.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I hope you will check out my other stuff too :)

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