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Review : Nature Republic - Foot & Nature Peeling Foot Mask (pair)

Last week, I did a Korean haul (which, not some are not) and I mentioned this cute product. I tried them on 6th of June and the peeling is still happening now. However, I'm going to do this review as I promised last Sunday :)
They sell this about RM21 for a pair.

[click to enlarge]

Here's the direction in English, Japanese and Chinese. It says to use it for 60-90 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of one's skin condition.

Picture captionnnnn :D 'Cause many of us are lazy to read XD

Peel the packaging off and took it out. I kept thinking that it might be like face mask, you know, when you open then you touched the liquid? But, nah, I touched plastic.
Here's how it looks like. Juicy XD

(Thumbs up for Foster The People twitter background (Y) )

Cut the seam. I need to cut a bit lower than the lines that they printed on it :/

Open it up 

Put it on and wait for about 1 hour to 1.30 hour. I'm gonna wait for 75 minutes *smirk*

I looked like I'm wearing some oversized-verythin-soaked shoe XD

I rubbed it to the parts where they won't stick to. It's not sticky, it feels watery but the size is too big. So I need to make sure that the whole foot has it.

Finish it and throw it. ( that paper over there was for the Wand tutorial, I threw it hahahha )

Rinse with lukewarm water, just like the direction says.

Dry leg with towel :)

warning: if you are disgusted by any image of a feet, please stop scrolling downwards.

Day - 4
The dead skin are coming out and my foot won't feel rough. Instead, they started to make me slip and fall. No, its not funny. :|

Day - 5
I couldn't help to move around when I'm sleeping, (can't control it!), and my foot somehow rubbed against the bed sheet :/ 


Day - 7 
I guess the heel part is clean now? hahahah
Please ignore the dust on my feet.
I went to tuition and this happened.

Day - 11 (today)
Looks so much better than before. Of course, the peeling hasn't stop yet.

According to my sister, there will be one more time where the dead skin can be peeled again.
I'm not sure but I can tell you about that when it really happens.

I kinda think that this product is.. not bad *nods*. This is the first foot peeling mask that I've tried so, I'm giving this a 6/10.

(Sorry I posted this late. Busy busy busy :/)

- D-TTO -

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