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Galaxy Acrylic Painting on small canvas

Haloooooo guys :D Last weekend, I went out with Chyng and some other friends to hangout for a bit and then I went to Art Friend and got myself these small canvas :)

Small canvas about the size of 6-9cm cost about RM2.40+ each. These little things are cute :D

I will be painting them with black acrylic colour first before any other colouring. Its easier this way.

Pain all of them, I even painted the sizes so that its less 'edgy'.

I also went to Daiso and grabbed two colours. And I got the wrong blue....  But, oh well, creative people have ways to solve that problem :)

And now when the canvases are dried up, I'm gonna arrange them in this way.

I started by mixing colours. This one here is a mixture of Carmine and White.

With the sponge, I gently paint the acrylic colours to the canvases, randomly.
You don't need to follow steps or whatever cow poop, just follow your instinct :D

And here, you'll see a coloured sponge, an almost-done art work and a paper used as colour plate. Why? 'Cause you don't need to wash it and I'm reusing the torn mail.

Lastly, dip your brush into the white colour then/or black and just rub the tip to give it more starry effect.
This will make your artwork more 'galaxy-ish'

And here is my finished Galaxy Acrylic Paint on small canvas.
Not perfect but satisfying :)

The big round-ish thing on the right is a failed 'black hole' I gently and carefully dip the dark grey in the middle and slowly brush the black around it with my finger.

Until now, I still don't know how to hang it or use it as deco in my room. I still left it there. Hah. I won't torture art pieces, no worries.
Hope it helps you, even if its a bit. 
Tell me how do you think about this :)
I'd love to hear from you.

-- D-TTO --

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