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First experience with Contact Lenses : FreshLOOK ColourBlends

Hey! How's it going everybody? :)

Few days ago, I went to buy some lenses which was because I was curious about how I look like with different eye colour. So I went to The Mines (I don't know why I went that far, anyways,) I looked passed three Optic shops in the shopping mall and found the cheapest I can get over there. But apparently, 3 pairs for RM100 ain't cheap at all, says many of my friends who wore contact lenses.

I'll give you some observation I get from the Opt shops first. (You can skip this no problem) The one near RHB, their workers are obviously realistic. They won't fakking care unless you walk to them OR mention the word "buy". Second one near the indoor lake is... well, weird. Lastly, I got my contact lenses from an Opt shop near Bata. The sales girl came to me without hesitating and ask if I needed anything. HOWEVER, I called to their shop to tell them that they gave me the wrong contact lens. I can't wear a -3.25 when my eyes are powerless. The guy didn't hesitate about changing it, too, which is great but he also didn't hesitate to end the call after he finished his words.

So what I bought was FRESHLOOK COLOURBLENDS Green, Grey and Blue lenses, which reminds me of some celebrities' eyes.

What I'm wearing is Green. I decided to wear green first because I wanna wear grey a little bit later, near year end :)

These are the pictures taken in the room with unknown ISO and 0 exposure.

Starting from here is the pictures of the lenses with ISO 1600 and exposure from 0 to 2

So this is my right eye in exposure 1.
(Smiling, widened)


Tips for contact lenses beginners :
If you're totally new to contact lenses,(like me in few days ago) then I would suggest you to ask from your friends who are more profession than you first.

So I did and what my friend told me was, shake the package/bottle before opening it. The lenses may not be broken and should not be tearing but if it does, go and exchange it with the seller.

I won't recommend you to wear the lenses straight away after taken out from the package. 
Rinsing it with Saline before wearing it is the best and safest way.

Get yourself a type of liquid like this(pic below), especially when you're bad at cleaning the lenses.
Squeeze a small amount on the lenses, which is on your palm, then rub gently in circular motion.

Another best thing about this liquid is that, you can soak your lenses in the case with this liquid without worrying about the hygienic problem in the case and the lens. 

BUT, that doesn't mean that you're 100%, totally germ-less and hygiene.
Washing your hands before doing anything is very important.
Make sure your hand wash is super effective ;)

Lastly, make sure you're using clean towels to wipe your hands. and NOT USING THE TOILET PAPER.

Oh yeah, one final thing, DO NOT buy lenses from sellers without certifications or buy lenses from unknown distributors/companies. It might blind your eyes and you won't like it a bit.

Buying from retail stores may be pricey but if the price can exchange more safety for your eyes, then its worth it.

-- D-TTO --

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