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Taobao Haul 20130822 | LESS THAN RM 50

 Hey guys, this is D-TTO and this is my SECOND haul for taobao. I'm not really satisfied this time, though.

So, because I'm ordering things with my friends so, the box is... quite big. About 10kg here.

 Here are all the things in that big box that are still unopened 

These are the things my friends ordered. I saw Giyongchi o.o 

And these are mine :) (except for the Captain America phone sticker) 

Soft sponge puff from a China quite-popular brand. Its super soft and nice!
正品Litfly丽塔芙葫芦海绵粉扑/水滴化妆棉 进口材质美容化妆工具
颜色分类: 玫红葫芦
RMB 9.99

Then these are from the same taobao-shop.
店铺:美丽传说100 饰品

I just.. I get I expected a lot on these but they turned out to be really, REALLY small. 
美丽传说 女人我最大推荐 多功能魔法卷发棒 橡胶卷发棒 不伤发
0.90x2= RMB 1.80

Some socks I needed.
韩国糖果色纯色船袜批发 全棉短袜袜子防滑袜 隐形袜女袜 浅口袜
颜色分类: 8229_1 肤色 , 8228_1 黑色 , 8230_1 白色
1.50x3= RMB 4.50

Airy Hair Curling Comb :) I love this one.
日本lucky空气感蓬发卷翘造型发卷 卷发器 美发棒

This thing doesn't work 100% as the way I thought. At least it does squeeze the tube.
颜色分类: 2200-1 白色熊猫
RMB 1.15

Girl, if you're a long-haired girl with layered hair, this works best. 
But if your hair is the same length from sides to the back of your head, then don't buy this. No, srsly.
美丽传说 BOB头盘发器(大号) 长发轻松变成短发波波头 丸子头
RMB 3.90

This one is not from the brand that is "Seen on TV". They made it themselves, I think?
Its not THAT strong but I'll review about these too.
RMB 39

And to sum it up, everything that I bought cost me only RM46.40 ! Imagine buying these in local stores..

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