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Friendship Galaxy Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board | EVERTHING FROM DAISO | DIY


Remember what I did to the mini canvas I got from Art Friends? This time I'm going to do something similar but bigger and flatter!

The idea of this is to imagine yourself painting a wide canvas then cutting them into pieces. You don't need to cut them, you just need to imagine that. Now, the main idea of this DIY project is to give one of your separated art work to your friend(s). It is like giving the second part of your couple keychain to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife

So here are what you need to do this DIY project :D
Acrylic/Oil Painting Canvas Board

Acrylic Paints.
I just bought new ones, blue and yellow :)

I bought the Melamine sponge, which I have no idea why...
I just go for the sizes heheh~

Here's something you don't need or you can't buy in Daiso but you need to it in order to do this DIY project:
-Paint brush


See how I paint it here! :)
You don't need to follow exactly how I do it, just do it like how you want it to be.

This is my finished work. I got a friend told me that it looks abstract ahahah
(not sure if it mean it looks nice for a painting or I printed it out instead) 

If you're using the exact same kind I got from Daiso, you can turn your boards around and write down what you wanted to write with a permanent marker pen.


I'm sorry I could post much or type more than before as I'm having my exam right now and I'm making sure that the blog is updated.
I used a lot of time editing the haul video because it was too long, at first, then it took me about half a day to edit the video for this one. The video for this DIY was supposed to be 26minutes long with a lot of unwanted parts, so I did my best to make it less than 5.5 minutes.

I do hope that you can leave some comments here or in the comment box for my videos. I'd love to know how you think about them :)

-- D-TTO --

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