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Review | Phantasee Twilight contact lenses

Hey-lo :)
Today, I want to share with you something that not everyone has ever think of to invest their money to it. Most of us consumers were afraid that the products might turn out to be unexpected, which is a disaster.
But you know what, I'm going to be the one to try this.

*not affiliated or paid by Glasses Online or anyone else to do this.

Okay, I promise and I swear that I'll upload clearer photos when I get my hands on the DSLR again.
My sister has FINALLY brought the camera to the HQ to fix it and we may be able to get it within a few weeks time.
I won't throw the vials or the box away, nor the lenses, and I will put up clear photos once I get it.
How would you know if I've uploaded? Simple, just follow my blog and wait till I upload a blog post stating the camera is back from the first paragraph.
Then you can choose to unfollow me or continue to follow me :)

Now, I'm a little disappointed because I've got this parcel late.
I ordered on the 20th of October and they stated 2-8days arrival.
I called for inquiry on 29th of October and they said it may arrive around after 3rd of November (Monday) but I received it on the 1st of November (Saturday).
so right now, I'm not sure whether to trust or not to trust them, to be happy or not to be happy about it.
But the delivery service was fast enough.

Anyways, I've got excited and opened the box. 
I took them out before I could take the unopened-box photo.
Basically this is how it looks like before I grabbed my phone to snap photos.

*you can click to enlarge*
*I'll upload clearer photos asap, as mentioned above*

This is the box.
Inside, there's a piece of paper stating the usual thing about contact lenses, like how you show keep it or what you should do before and after wearing them....

This are the vials with the lenses inside.
It's pretty small tho. 
I kinda broke my thumb nail while opening the second one... the crack was deep :/

Inner - Outer - Outer - Outer

This is from (RM59) :-
Brand: Phantasee Fancy Lens
Frequency: Quarterly Wear (It's actually 1 year replacement)
Diameter: 14.0mm
Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer
Water Content: 0.45

My opinions:
Lovely contact lenses, unlike the previous lenses that I've reviewed -Phantasee Natural Grey, the picture shown on GlassesOnline is exactly how the lenses look like in real life.
The down part is that, don't call it a twilight lens when the colour is awfully orange and not gold/ goldish yellow.
Twihards are aware of what the Cullen's eye colors are, and they are GOLDDDDD.
Pretty much still wearable if the wearer don't say that he/she is a 'vegetarian' vampire from Twilight.
Friends still say that I look scary enough as a vampire.

Here are some photos which I took yesterday for Halloween :)

Additional info:
BB cream: Petite Jelly from Holika Holika
Eyeshadow: Oh So Special! from Sleek Makeup
Lip Ink: Rouge Infusion Lip Stain form Sephora
Dress: A floor-length, flare back Eclipse hand-me-down
Choker: An antique hand-me-down
Ring: DIY filigree ring with ruby nail polish painted
Fangs: A random shop in Taobao
Photo app: Candy Cam
Filter: Romantic Blue

Extra photos
Here's some photos with a 18.2MP camera

If you're not sure with the colour, here's a black colour card used as reference with the black that you know :)

Hope you find this review about Phantasee Fancy Coloured Contact Lenses - Twilight helpful :)

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