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Review| Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Tea- Ginger

Hellooooo :)
This would be a threaded post with updates and I hope it helps you guys to determine whether this product is worth the buy or not.

I bought this on the day 11th October 2014 just to give it a try since the college days have been making me feel unhealthy. Sitting all day before, during and after meals, and also lack of time to exercise.
At the same time, because of self-consciousness, I bought the J'pan BustUp Drink. They said it on their website that it's best to detox before consuming that so yeah, I'm going to detox myself for the next 60 days. 
This is how it looks like (without the mug behind).
It comes with a container and it contains 60 packs.
I bought this is Watson with the discounted price of RM49.90.

The ingredient in the tea bags are:
Ginger root, orange peel, rosehip fruit, Uva Ursi, Chamomile flower, Stevia leaves, Althea Root, Buckthorn Bark.

You put the tea bag into your desired amount of water and wait for 2-5 minutes, depending on how you like the taste. To enhance taste, you can add raw honey.
(But isn't it that the honey will lose nutrient after being heated?)

It tasted like tea with a small hint of ginger.
Great for people who dislike heavy ginger taste but I don't know, it doesn't taste like how I expected it to be, even though I left the tea bag in there for over 5 minutes.
It's just somehow... plain?


Day 1: 11/10/2014
I forgot I have dinner at night and I finished about one mug by the time I remembered.
Surprisingly, it doesn't give the awfully painful feeling that some products do.
I have the feeling of 'needing the toilet' but it was like a minor feeling.
Guess it's a good start?
Toilet scene: I felt like I drank lots of water instead of feeling like I'm clearing the food...

Day 2
I still don't feel like I've gone to the toilet enough times to cleanse my body.
But I guess I just need to wait a bit longer for the effect.
[but I was wrong]
I was already sleeping at around 11pm and my stomach hurt(in a bearable way) around 1am and I had to get up to use the toilet.
But not much came out though...

Day 5: 15/10/2014
I've been using the toilet more often than usual.
The poopie is more watery than usual... or muddy, I'm not sure...
But it became something like a habit to "flush the dirty things out" when I woke up.
I usually drink around 6pm-7pm as I reach home around 5pm and eat my dinner around 6pm.
The bearable pain hasn't reduced tho.
Guess I should still stick to being patient.

Day 16: 26/10/2014
I decided not to drink this every day because it felt like I'm losing a lot of water in my body.
The reason why I think that I'm somehow dehydrated is that every time I go poopoo, it's in the more-watery-sort-of-muddy situation.
But drinking it does help me to improve the "get rid the gas" system, I burp and *poot* a bit more often than before, leading a consequence of having a less bloated tummy.
Still using the toilet tho, but like I said before, dehydration... sometimes the poopoo ain't coming out if I don't drink the tea or enough water.

Day 26: 05/11/2014
I stopped drinking it for days now because from the colour of my urine, I am somehow really dehydrated even though I drank a lot of water but with the tea bag along in it.
I guess it somehow makes you dehydrated?
Anyways, the body part above my tummy and below my chest is obviously less bloaty than before and I can see my waist now.
No, I did not start my exercising routing nor have I put the effort into getting a thinner waist.
I guess this thing really works?
Anyways, I'm trying my best to get hydrated now.

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