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Unboxing| realTechniques Starter Set by Sam&Nic | Luxola

For those who had been here for so long (since the beginning of Pretz 'n' Pickle), you would know that shopping in Luxola is what I've been doing recently.
I live in Malaysia so it's no fun to be unable to shop for all these goodies physically but Luxola has a wide variety of products and they offer free-shipping for any orders over RM40, which is the real deal if you're talking realistic.
Also, if you have been reading my recent posts, you'll realize that my dslr has not been fixed yet, which frustrates me because I couldn't find the cap for the "lens hole".

But let's get back into the topic, shall we? :)

Here are the details printed on the packaging.

I was quite confused when I open this because there's no sign of tapes on the top and bottom of the packaging.
Couldn't open it until I decided to pull the cover harder.
It seems like it was designed like this, to let customers know whether it's perfectly 'sealed' or not.

This is what you will get from the box.
It's a set of brush -specially for eyes but are multi-purpose too- and a duo-use case. 

Here's a close up of the brushes before taking them out.
They are neatly arranged and all of them have the same side of the brush facing upwards.
The brushes are really nice to touch but I think Sephora has better once in terms of texture.
They are dark from root and the tip is covered with white colour, which is easier for you to know your 'current colour'.

The case can be used as a stand horizontally and vertically.
It is also for you to bring your brushes everywhere.
It's light and small, a 'yes' for travel-lovers. 

From the left picture, it shows the other side of the brushes which are labelled with their function.
These brushes can be used with other purposes, such as contouring, lining, concealing and even as a lip brush. 
The right picture shows you how fluffy the brushes are.
They are soft and firm, which doesn't seem to look like those shedding-type of brushes.

The brushes are longer than Forever 21's basic brushes.
The weight: feels the same.
realTechniques' brushes are slightly bigger and they have a grip, which F21's don't.

I find it amusing.
I've been wanting a set of professional brushes for so long and I can't wait to use them.
Brushes doesn't look like the poke-ie type, which is good.
It can be used with other purposes and they are all light-weighted, which is great, especially for travelling, you know, when you don't feel like bringing much.
The case is a bit weird looking for me but it's still acceptable.

I haven't use it yet so it's a 7/10 from me.
I'm keeping the 2/10 for the makeup process and the other 1/10 is because of the casing.

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