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Hi guys!
For this post, it will be about my new obsession, the Phantasee contact lenses!

First of all, I've been keeping my eye on Phantasee products in G.O. but it went up from RM35/RM39 to RM50 by the time I decided to get it... but oh well :/
I don't think they sell Phantasee with eyesight powers too.

I only ordered a pair of lenses and this is what they sent me.
My sisters actually asked me what I bought when they see this.
I mean, it's almost the size of a shoe box.
Eventually they went sorta speechless when they found out what's in it.

I had the opportunity to get it at a discounted price and it's close to the previous price..
so yeah, I'm pretty happy with it :)

This is how the packaging looks like. 
Seems to be a bit scary to me because, tbh, it looks like one of those lenses you can get from the night market.. those without real certificates..
But nahh, I don't have any doubts with the company.
I trust them.

The package has these holograms going on and I think it's how they help  you to differentiate the real and fakes.
Or is it just plain fantasy?

This is what you can get from the box. 
A piece of paper with description and two contact lenses.

This pair of lenses also comes with this container.
It's pretty much a great news for those who wanted to try on contact lenses but had never done it yet.
It makes things easier for you, unless you bought contact lenses solution with containers for free... (which I have extra 3 of them)
The container feels pretty good, like, the weight and the quality are there.

I took one of the lenses out and LOOK AT DIS
Some said that the size is actually bigger than 14mm.
For me, I think that it's kinda true because I don't think my FreshLook ones are this big and they are 14mm too.

Here's a comparison photo of my "real eye" and my "fake eye" 
You can see that it actually 'enhances' my eye.
From what my friend had said, it brightens my eye.
But I also had another friend who said that it looks like green colour.

And here are some of the snaps I took after gettin these babes soaked!
I took these photos with the current obsessed app, CandyCam.
(most faved filter: RomanticBlue)
*yes some of these photos are on Instagram :) *

First impression:
I thought it would be a bit more... grand? But oh well, I'm still satisfied with the packaging.
The container was quite unexpected, to be honest, especially the colour.
The lenses do not look like the one on the picture, so I guess you can't rely much on the photos showed.

First experience while wearing it:
First of all, it feels fine. My eyes got used to it within the first 3 minutes and they don't feel dry as fast as I thought because of the water content (0.45).
Doesn't sting eyes and it's a bit bigger than expected. (Not the first time with contact lenses)

First experience with Glasses Online:
Shocked by the size of the parcel but find it pretty cool.
Doesn't like the payment method. I mean, yeah, PayPal is safer but it charged me extra money for the transaction. Huge no no.
Doesn't like the process of waiting after payment. Neither of the tracking number nor the whereabouts of the parcel was told.

Overall (contact lenses):
I'm satisfied with it, really.
It's wearable and there are people in western countries who love this brand too, so it's like giving me the secure feeling to wear this.
It's a three-months wear and the price is lower than 3 pairs of monthly! (I got 3 boxes of monthly FreshLook for RM100)

7/10 is what I'll give.
The other 3 is because of the packaging, the water content and the pictures from the catalog.

Overall (Glasses Online):
I'm not sure... Maybe I'll buy from there again?
But that will be when I tried the other store and not satisfied by it.

Update on 13th October 2014
I have no idea what happened but the contact lens on my right eye was somehow.. melting?
Now my right eye is red and I'm scared and I'm not sure what to do.
Will inform the seller soon.
My left eye is still perfectly fine though...

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