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Haul | Review | Sasa | K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo & 1 Day Magic

Hello everybody :)
I mentioned in the previous post that I'll post another blogpost for today and it's finally here :)
I did once mentioned that I hardly stopped by any beauty store because of Luxola but I've been giving up on them for the moment recently because majority of their stock are out.
I've been wanting to get another eyeliner so badly because my previous ones are either finished or not really how I like it to be. 

So I stopped by Sasa and grabbed my most favourite eyeliner, the 1 Day Tattoo from K-Palette.

Now the problem is that they already have another eyeliner on the racks which seems pretty attractive somehow. Since the testers are used before which gives you inaccurate results, I decided to just buy it and do a review about it. (Anyways, Sasa is having a sale until 1st of September 2014, according to the sales lady)

Let me show you some details before we move on to the comparisons.
Now let's start with the more familiar one.

1 Day Tattoo
They do not sell the older version any more, according to the sales lady.
On the packaging it says that this is the limited edition look but.. I remember something else.
The price may seem a bit too expensive but trust me, buying it during sales is so much worth it.
I bought it at the price of RM42, if not mistaken. 
(Regret recycling my receipts :/ )

*Click to enlarge*
Old vs New

1 Day Magic
This one is pretty new to me.
I love the packaging though, it's so princess-y.
One thing I find hard to believe is the picture above the name of the liner.
It gives me the feeling that it's so obviously photoshop-ed.
If I wasn't mistaken, it cost me about RM37.

1DayTattoo vs 1 Day Magic
So, if you noticed, both of the products promised the same features.
-super dark
-easy to draw
-easy to remove

The only difference that the packaging mentioned is that
1DayMagic contains essence ingredients 
(Sodium Hyaluronate, Soluble Collagen, Swertia Japonica Extract)
If you look at the picture below, 1DayMagic has more ingredients comparing to 1DayTattoo.

Here's the packaging comparison: 

Both eyeliners do have the same length but different cap and body colour. 

Both of them seems to have the same looking brush type.
Though after testing them, 1DayMagic have a softer brush texture.

Enough comparing the looks, let's move on to the real deal!
Drawing with them :D


Hand cleaned with soap and dried.
Darkest of them all?
I think 1DayTattoo is more darker.

Smudge test!
!Dry mode!
Both of them looks fine with smudging
*noticed how hard I rubbed my hand?*

Water test!
!Drip and soak!
They look fine with the water too.

Water Smudge test!
1DayMagic doesn't seem to be able to resist the water that much ><
Sebum test!
*may sound gross but I wiped my cheeks and nose
and rubbed on the back on my hand with another hand*
*just because I wanted a more accurate result ><*
Both of them doesn't look good with sebum especially 1DayTattoo!
Conclusion: I'm pretty impressed about how far 1DayMagic can go, even though it's not as dark or as thick as 1DayTattoo but with that price for this? I think it's worth it. I'm guessing that it can last me about as long as how the 1DayTattoo did. 

Will I buy it again? 
Ummm, nope. I'll still stick to 1 Day Tattoo if I really don't have other eyeliners to choose.

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