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Haul | Pull and Bear & Brands Outlet | End of July

Hello everybody :)
This week is pretty special because it's a holiday week for Malaysians and especially for Malays because they are celebrating their Raya week :)

So I spent my Monday and Wednesday hanging around the Pavilion Mall, Fahrenheit88 and also KLCC.
I love these three malls very much mainly it's because there's so much to see and most of the brands I love are nearby.

Being me, I love fashion trends that can go trendy for a very long period, great quality clothes with cheap price and also, uniquely stylish.

Hard to find?
Not really.
But if I add another option "well-known brand"?
Yes, it is pretty hard to find.

Majority of the 'stylish and trendy' people go for Forever 21 and H&M for their choice of clothing brands.
For me... welllll, let's just say that the price is not in my "desired" list.
(My opinion is that, their prices are ridiculously expensive. I mean, a thin fabric for at least RM69.90? Really? Like, seriously, really? I guess they're just selling brands :/ )

So here's my list of:-
Just-for-fun aka window-shopping-only clothing brands:
-Forever 21
-Cotton On

Not-so-desirable clothing brands:
-Miira Mew

Desirable clothing brands:
- Brands Outlet
- Pull & Bear
*more to come*

"Wait, Pull & Bear? Isn't it expensive?" Not when it's on sale :D
I'll show you how is it desirable later :)

Let's go and see what I got for this week..... *David So mood*

I went to Brands Outlet to get something new for college and since it's cold in classrooms but hot the moment you step outside, I wanted to get something in long sleeves but not so thick.
Eventually, I got 5 pieces of clothings.
3 tops and 2 bottoms. 
*apologies for the camera, again. It's not working for the moment so I used my phone instead*

Basically, this batch isn't satisfying.
The style of the current batch is just not what I would go for.
But I've been seeing some of it and went to try them on, turns out I only wanted 5 pieces of it.

Here are some pictures of me wearing them:
This jacket actually reminds me of Iggy's Fancy music video.
Although it's not the same things but it has the kind of feel there.

This one is almost-transparent. 
The only part that is not transparent is the middle section of the front side.

This is a semi-transparent long-sleeve.
Some part of it, such as the sleeve, is sewn with different material.

Tops: Around RM29.90 - RM49.90
Bottoms: Around RM29.90 - RM39.90
Total: RM150-RM178


After Brands Outlet, I walked -almost mindlessly- around Pavilion since KLCC was already a bore for me at that time. Eventually giving up on F21 and went to Tokyo Street for fun.
I wanted to go to Daiso but Miira Mew was crowded with customers at that time.
It's a tourist season, for the moment, that's why.

Basically, Miira Mew sells clothings and bags which can be seen on Taobao.
I'm not saying all of them but I did noticed some of the clothes were available on Taobao.
Of course, they sell them with their own brand tags, so I can't say anything.

Walked in and found myself searching for a leather sling bag.
None of them caught my attention but I found one that's nice enough.
This little fella is RM29.90 and it's about the size of a novel.
I wanted it because it's convenient for me during Chinese New Years. 
I can just keep my angpaos in that instead of other bags.
(and also, I'm lazy for another Taobao Haul... teehee)


Then I went to Pull & Bear.
To be honest, I never paid attention to most of the stores in Pavilion but then when I was moving towards Etude House, I noticed this store and went straight in.
So I looked around and grabbed 4 pieces from the 'selected' side of the store.

First thing I noticed and also the one that I loved the most is this.
Lovely, isn't it?
It's a bat-ish sweater, stretchable and soft.
And I brought it home for RM49.90 :)

The second piece is kinda sultry-ish.
I have a thing for laced-sleeve sweaters so this one got my attention, too.
But..... I guess I'm not skinny enough :/

The third one is a basic tee. 
Soft material and also stretchable.
They have other similar ones but I like this one the best. 
And then I brought it home for RM19.90 :)

The last one is just a basic long sleeve.
The reason why I gave up on it is because... it's too fitting.
My tummy doesn't look good with it. 

I love their fitting rooms, too!
Two parallel lights beside the mirror with black fabric around the dividers.
I hope I could get one like this but unfortunately, my room isn't big enough :/

Here's the reason why I said it's a lot better during sales.
It was RM129.90 and eventually became RM49.90 which was actually the 3rd discount price.
This one was RM39.90 and it discounted twice with a final price of RM19.90. 
Here's a picture with stickers removed and re-arranged. 
From original price to final marked down price.

Great deal, isn't it? :)

After going back home, I long for more Pull & Bear.
I spent my whole next day hoping to go to Pavilion again just to shop for more.
And then I did.

After going back to Pavilion at around 9pm, I was kinda disappointed...
Well, not just 'kinda'
First it was because most of the clothes were gone already, because it's already late at night.
Secondly, it's because of the way the workers treat customers.
I understand that it's going to be closing time and you need to clean up the store, but at least be nicer to the customers?
Besides the friendly lady at the fitting room counter, the rest of the staffs are like zombies. 
Working zombies.
I'm not kidding when I said working zombies.
They were doing their jobs as if no customers are in the store.
Especially the counter lady.
She passed me my change without even looking at me and almost dropped my money.

Despite all of this, I bought one semi-sweater home that cost me RM49.90.
I wanted to get this because it makes you fell warm enough in cold rooms and at the same time you won't feel hot and sweaty in the open areas.

Here's me wearing it:

And that's pretty much all for the clothing haul during this week's weekdays.
I'll update you guys if I got anything for this weekend.
There's another post coming up with the rest of my haul right after I get my sleep :) (It's already 3am *yawn*)
Have a great day!
(if you're a Malaysian, have a blast during your Raya break! )

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