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Haul | Luxola | Sleek True Colour • DuWop Reverse Lipliner

Hey my lovely chics :)
I just got my parcel which I ordered 5 days ago.

I still haven't gotten my DSLR back yet so for this post, the photos are still a bit low quality here.
Howeverrrr, let's not let it stop us from this. 

Let's begin :D

in Peaches and Cream
To be honest, I was expecting it to be longer. 
I guess it's not really as long as normal lipsticks, for the price of RM43.
Cute design on the packaging :)

The colour on the packaging and the colour of the lipstick does look a bit different.
The lipstick looks more orange-y than the colour on the packaging.

I did a swatch and I have to say, it's very pigmented even with a soft and smooth glide.
The colour does pop out.
The output is more towards the colour on the packaging.
Just like it's name, it's slightly pinky colour, rather than total-orange-colour.

Next product:

I'm bad at colouring my lips and I have no lip pen at all so I thought this could help.

It's like a lip liner or a lip pen, same function but in the opposite way.

It comes with a sharpener. The size is just about the size of NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil.
You can also use NYX's sharpener for this :)

I drew it on my skin and it looks transparent but you can still see it if you look very closely.

These are what I bought in this order.
They cost me RM68 (discounted RM40) with free shipping for order over RM40.
Go check out Luxola when you have time :)

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