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Heyyyyylooo :)
(I'm supposed to post this days ago... sorry :/ )

If you've noticed, I had been buying makeup products from Luxola and not even stopping by other makeup stores. I had to admit that I love Luxola. . . I'm serious. . . :) because they have lots of sales (shhh..)

My parcel arrived 3 days after I confirmed my order and I got so excited, I accidentally dropped the box... but no fret, they wrapped everything up with bubble wraps and even the inner layer of the parcel is covered with bubble wrap.

First thing I do: tear the parcel open (*ehhem* aggressively and) excitedly, took an Instagram picture and tried it on the right side of my face.

Now these are pretty much the products that I've bought for this haul.
(Bad photo quality due to DSLR is not available at the moment) 
I bought three 3CE products from Luxola.

Let's begin :D

in Natural Ivory
Just like the name, it's pretty watery comparing to other foundations out there. The colour blends well to the skin but coverage may not be as much as other foundations. I like this one more comparing to my Holika Holika Petite Jelly BB Cream :)

The powder is really light and smell-less comparing to other loose powder that I've ever encountered. It really blends well to the skin and felt like I had nothing on my skin but I can start see oiliness on my skin around 5-8 hours later.

in Beige
It's probably the way they like it, I'm not sure, but the bronzer seems colourless to me in 2-4 swipes using a brush. Maybe they are going for the natural-look range...? But it's still there, the colour I mean. I can see it when I remove the makeup. Though, it's not as pigmented as I thought it would be.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I bought for this haul. I know it's not much but, you know, 3CE is not in the affordable range like Sleek Makeup or NYX Cosmetics but it's still worth the buy :)

All three of this costs me RM196 with 20% discount from Luxola with free shipping for orders over RM40.
Go check it out if you have time :)

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