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Review| Palmer's No Blade Brush On Face Hair Remover & Shea Butter Formula

On my previous post, I talked a bit about Hirsutism, a medical sign that refers to women having excessive hair on parts where they shouldn't have like the neck, back, tummy, bumbum, chin and chest. I also reviewed the Veet In Shower Hair Removing Cream for my body parts despite epilating my arms and legs.

I bought this in Watson, KLCC (Malaysia) with the promotion price of RM20.80 .
The package comes with a lotion- Palmer's Shea Butter Formula.

This is how it looks like when you open the box

It comes with a spatula(?)(They called it spatula) and a tube of cream. 

This is a mini version of their Shea Butter Formula Lotion

Basically, all you need to do is to apply the cream to your face and leave it for at least 4 minutes but never over 5 minutes. Then remove it.
This is the direction from the packaging and the little paper from the box.
"Wet area thoroughly where hair needs to be removed. Apply evenly with brush over hair, covering completely. Do not rub it in. Leave on for 4 minutes (maximum 5 minutes). Remove with spatula or washcloth. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry."

Now... Its a really bad idea to follow the instructions because..

That's basically me after using it all over my face. 
I tested it on a small part before but it was all right.
My skin was burning with pain.
When I touch it, it felt like a layer of my skin was burnt off.
It also felt dry and stingy.

And I even got some burn marks.
A disaster, I know but what are my solutions to get rid of this blushing chipmunk face?
These two babies. 

I finally realised why they are having it on sale with a small tube of lotion.
BECAUSE IT STINGS. (and also stinks)
This is what I did starting from the moment I freaked out by the result.

Day 1:
-(Noon)Wash face 3 times then apply lotion.
- Minutes later, wash face again because skin feels itchy (healing) and apply lotion again
-(Afternoon) Wash it again and apply aloe vera but realise that it stings more but ignoring it
-(Evening) Wash face again and apply more aloe vera
-(Night) Wash face again and apply even more aloe vera
-(Midnight) Wash face and apply lotion. 
Proceed to the next day.

Day 2-4:
-After waking, apply lotion
-Before sleep, apply lotion

Day 5:
... decided to try it again.
This time, I didn't follow the instructions.
What I did was:
*Without washing my face, I left it quite oily
*Divided my face into parts*
*Apply the cream with the brush that connects to the cap on a selected part. (partA)
*Leave it in between 30seconds - 1minute
*While doing so, I apply cream on the part of the other side of the face. (partB)
*Quickly remove cream on PartA
*Moderately remove cream on PartB

Maximum time is 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Always be quick enough.

And here's me after using the hair removing cream for the second time. 
I did not use it on parts where my pores are more sensitive.
(Between brows, cheeks, acne area)

My skin will still have some chemical reaction towards the cream.
However, I had successfully minimised the reaction.

And here's the burn marks after using the lotion.
It looks better than before in just 5 days :D
(Notice my chin? The pores there are quite sensitive and I had acne there before :( 
The skin there had also darkened, which is a total booooo.)
Ps: I have a short chin, so it makes me look like I have double chin.

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  1. Hey there :) I have also just recently tried this product but it didn't work for me. I have very coarse hair on my chin, jaw and neck area which I have been threading for some years now. Decided to give this product a go and it totally failed. Not only did it not remove the coarse hairs despite applying a thick layer of the cream and leaving it on for 4 minutes - it also burnt my skin terribly to the point where i have my flesh visible and the skin burning even after removing the cream, cleansing my face and applying aloe vera.

    My word of advice to girls with hirsutism especially on the face - just resort to threading as it is much safer for your skin. Bearing with the pain is so much better than getting a quick fix that literally burns off your skin and leaves you with scars.

    1. Exactly! I threw it all away in the end. Two times of using it and I'm done.