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Beauty Talk| Hair by Osa of A-Saloon, Fahrenheit88

I'm no good with knowing which place is great for a specific purpose. Like, I don't know where to get the best bags or best notebooks.
It's difficult for me but it's easy for my mom.
My mom discovered this girl named Osa while she was shopping in Sephora, Star Hill Gallery. She saw this guy with a very good looking dyed-hair (she doesn't really like boys with fancy dyed-hair because most of the guys she saw chose ugly colors to dye.) So she asked him where he got his hair done and he recommended A-Saloon in Fahrenheit88 and it was done by a lady named Osa.

I've been to A-Saloon in Fahrenheit88 for 3 times.
They used to serve water in packed cups but now they don't do it anymore :/
They also have computers for you to use if you feel bored while waiting for your hair to be done.
If you want to cut your hair, unless you're quite lucky that it was so packed that day or else you'll have to place an appointment with them.

My first visit was on the 4th of January 2014.I wanted to cut it for Chinese New Year and these photos are from that day.
Well my phone was quite the lame one so the photo quality is quite bad.
Before getting my hair washed

They got my hair washed

Before it's done
This is the finished work and she did quite a great job with it.
Before cutting it, I showed her what I would wear for Chinese New Year and she suggested this hairstyle.
She said that this is sweet but different at the same time.

28th of March 2014, Second visit.
I wanted to try something different, which is getting myself bangs for the first time in 8 years.
The last time I had my bangs done, it was horrible.
I look awful. Very awful.

But for some reason, I wanted to change my look a bit since college was about to start soon.
I mean, hey, it's a brand new chapter of my life, I should change a bit.
Then this is what she did.

People did praised the hair and said it looks nice on me.
I guess you can say that I really do like the way she did it.
But when the hair starts to grow, it became quite the horror.
Why? It's because I look even more childish than ever.
Not her fault. It's just me and my face problem with the hair length :/

My third visit was on the 8th of February 2015.
Chinese new year is about 10 days later so I wanted to have a cleaner and tidier hairstyle.
My hair was somewhat similar to what I had before my first visit.
It was a lot straighter and longer. I had 'no bangs' too.
(The length of my bangs was as long as the rest of my hair.)
Before I cut it, my bangs were shorter so I guess it's gonna take a bit longer to grow back to the previous state.
(Yes, I tried to take a photo without feeling awkward :3 )

This is washing and pre-cutting.
She wanted to fix a bit more before she decided to finish it off with curling iron. 

This is the finished look.
She cut about an inch or 1&half inch so it ends around the top of my chest.
This will make the hair to keep the length and at the same time I won't look shorter than I'm already am. 

Osa is really a great hairstylist and she worked quite hard for this job. 
Well, basically everyone in A-Saloon, Fahrenheit worked hard.
From what I've heard, it's hard to take day-offs since many people wants to get their hair done whenever they feel like.

She has quite the habit of curling the ends of her female customers' hair too. I noticed this not only because she did mine three times straight but she also do it on both of my sisters' hair.
She has the Japanese kind of style. Her way of dressing herself and also styling hair.
I think she's quite famous in there too.
If you've got the chance to, try to get a haircut from here and see if you'll like it :)

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