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Are you a shadowhunter?

Welcome, mundane.

You're not a shadowhunter.

You don't have the angel blood.

You can't use the seraph blades.

You can't use any of the stele.

You can't draw any runes.

You're not protected

from the evil.

However, to fulfill your dream to be one of us in a world like this, you can get the strength of the angels by getting marked or obtaining the rune accessories.
Marked will be done by the shadowhunters.
The rune accessories can be used as a substitute and can be rarely purchased from the little amount of holy weapon sellers.

Angelic rune :
All Nephilim receive this mark upon initiation and signifies their angelic bonds. It is also frequently applied to weapons to imbue them with angelic properties as well as wipe them clean of any demonic traces. This also prevents demons stabbed by the weapons from healing. 

A set of angelic rune accessory includes:
Necklace · Earrings · Ring

You can wear these to anywhere you desire.

There's no stopping you from what you want to be.

Once you've joined us, you're special.

Mundanes' words don't matter.

You matter.

The details of the items
Based on the Novel Series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
Materials: Zinc Alloy
Colour: Silver Colour
Surface: Shiny
Condition: Brand new, in plastic package

Rune is about 1.5x1.5 cm
Smooth metal stopper
Earring sticks is 1cm

Chain is 50cm long
Pendant is about 2.8x2.7 cm

Rune is about 1.5x1.5 cm

A set included with delivery will be Rm30*.
*International orders will be vary due to shipping fee.
*While stock last
RM=Malaysia Ringgit

If sold seperately, 
Earrings is Rm16   (Etsy: Usd7*, Instagram: Usd10*, Euro12)
Necklace is Rm20   (Etsy: Usd 8*-14*, Instagram: Usd10*)
Ring is Rm14   (Etsy: Usd 7*-10*)
*exclude international shipping

Delivery Courier: Pos laju.
Delivery for separate orders will be charged by the following:
1-3 items - Flat rate Rm4
3-6 items - Flat rate Rm7
6-12 items - Flat rate Rm 10 
Delivery for set orders will not be charged as it is included.

Shipping fee for international orders will have to be checked with the courier company.

Join us in our journey.

Join us to create our story of Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Join us and we will protect the mundanes together

with the creatures of the Downworld

from the demons and monsters.

Join us with the forces of the

 vampires · werewolves · fair folks · warlocks

What are you still waiting for?
What are you still hesitating about?
Join us.

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