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 I don't really like to go to 1 Utama because it's very far from the city and it's very jam. While on my way there, my GPS isn't working and the built-in GPS in my car isn't very reliable. So I worried about getting lost for the whole journey of 20-30 minutes.
Usually there's no way you could get a parking if you're few minutes late from getting out of the house. No weekday is an exception. It took me 30 minutes AT LEAST to be lucky.
Well, after this trip, you will never see me there again. ...unless someone is driving me there :3

I realize that there are actually lots of nice and pretty stocks in 1U branches.
Let me give an example, like F21? They have cuter products and more selection on makeup brushes too. I bet they have things that the Midvalley branch and Pavilion branch don't have.

But to be honest, 1U is a boring place compared to Paradigm Mall and any other malls in the city.
I rather spend more time in Pavilion rather than stuck in 1U for a few hours.

Now, these are basically the things that I've got when I'm walking in 1U for 5 hours at least.
Yes I've got a wig
First stop was at F21.

I've got a makeup pouch with "c'est la vie" written on it.
I like it when my friends sees this and they pronounced it wrong. It's funny to see them try.
Anyways, a black matte fleather skin with golden writing and a golden zip is just classy enough for me.

And Rm25 for this thing isn't so bad. I mean, it should be Rm19 but.. whateverrrr. 

H&M in 1U has quite some cool stuffs but store is quite small so I don't know if you can say that the store is cool.
I saw this wig and it was having a sale.
So I tried it on the spot and bought it right after that :))

This is a ponytail wig that, well obviously, suits blondes more than asian buyers.
But since the colour *somehow* matches my hair colour, so I decided to buy it and learn how to use it.

It's Rm15 and the previous price was Rm39.90. 
A lot of blonde wigs are available tho.
The red colour ones are all sold out :(

The quality, well, what you pay is what you get.
The 'hair' is really, really fine. Like, fiber optic-fine fine.

So this is me trying it on. 

I didn't buy it because it looks like how it is in the pictures when I tied it into a ponytail.
I bought it because it kinda looks real when I made it into a bun.

So, yeah, that's the only thing I got from H&M... .. yes, what a pretty lame item it is.

Now I don't really have the "Let's shop this!" impression on Lovisa because they are really, really expensive even though they look very very good.
But I kinda love it when they have sales because it actually worth more in sales than any other brand-sale.

So me and my friend were in the store and she found this "Buy 2 for 45" section.
She noticed these earrings and she wanted one (down there on the right side)
Then I was thinking about making her happy so I agreed to get another one, since if we pay separately we would be paying Rm22.50 per person.
The original price for one of these was Rm41.90 though. Tell me if this isn't a good bargain.

I let her choose whichever she wants and then the other set could be mine.
She wanted the all gold one instead because, well , all gold.
I think she took the other one is because that's the next best set on the hangers, I don't know.
But then again, they look really lovely though~ <3 

Then, I think Lovisa is having a "Hidden Sale" or something because I thought the sales girl keyed in the wrong price but nope, that set of rings was on sale. Original price was Rm35.90 and it became Rm10. 

I also have a thing for "Cheap and worth it" ring sets, like they have to have lots of rings and they must be cheap at the same time.
I saw this faux gem set and I instantly fell in love with it.
But this is actually the second set of the same item. I found a M-L size at first and was disappointed... because the salesgirl told me that's the last item.... until I check out the ring boxes and found another size, S-M. (You need to update your stocks often, Lovisa.)
My fingers are in the XS-S category but this will do. 
All of them only fit my thumb, index finger, middle finger and the fourth idk-what-you-call-it finger.

Look at how pretty they are!

It's a set of 9 gold colored rings for the price of Rm10 ..!
I just couldn't believe that I got them cheap :D

They have three different shades of blue, one amethyst and one fade-ish olive.

Okay I don't care if I can't wear them like this, like who cares, I'm me, no one decides what I do unless he/she is my parent or my literate boss.
Heck no, I'm not done with shopping rings yet but I would wait till the next sale season to check out these stores. After all, I'm not a person with high income in hand every month. I need to survive with food too.

I saw lots of nice and pretty ring sets but they are at least Rm15(of 5 rings only) and the more rings they have, the more they cost. I saw a set of ..about 10? That set cost at least Rm55.
Well sorry I just can't, that's a bit too much for me to pay.

So.. in the end I got these instead.
Well, I'm satisfied and not satisfied (because I'm not done with shopping. No one is!)
Next time I'll make myself go somewhere nearer to shop.
After all, the petrol price isn't cheap at all.

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