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Onions and Opinions| Buns & Meat: Carbonara with Pork Bacon!

Onions and Opinions
-This tag is where I share my experience and dedication to all the spaghetti dishes that I've tasted.
I usually go for carbonara//alfredo or bolognese.

Current ranking:
1. Map's Creamy Herb Pasta with Porkballs   Buns & Meat: Carbonara with Pork Bacon!
2. Pâtisserie BoutiQue Carbonara Spaghetti with bacon  Map's Creamy Herb Pasta with Porkballs
3. Owl's Cafe Red Bolognese   Pâtisserie BoutiQue Carbonara Spaghetti with bacon


Today, we're gonna look at Buns and Meat in Trillium, Sungai Besi.
Now, they used to be a small stall right next to La Biblioteca, Library but now they took over the whole store and made it theirs.

Buns and Meat are special with their burgers and buns dishes (self-explanatory much)
But then again, I'm only interested in their pasta.

Anyways, let's look at the menu.

They have all sorts of unique dishes, along with the common ones.
But I didn't pay attention because the only thing that I focused on was




So (as the title had said), I ordered their Carbonara.
If you've notices, the rank had also changed, with this dish as the top 1.

The reason why is simple: THIS IS THE BEST BACON CARBONARA EVER.
Let's look at the photos first.

This dish comes with and uncooked egg yolk and a slice of garlic bread.
The garlic bread, I could say, is perfectly toasted with strong scent of the garlic itself.
The crispy bread is also just. right.
Not to soggy, not too hard.

Can you also see the pieces of bacon within every strands of spaghetti?
What I can tell you is that, the bacon itself made this dish the best.
When you eat the first bite of this dish, the first thing that hits your taste bud was the sweet and smoky smell of bacon.
The sauce itself was filled with bacon-richness.
The bacon-saltiness was sooooo obvious.
You can never mistook it as something else.

I believe that they used the oil from the bacon while the bacon was cooked, instead of other oil like olive oil, etc.
But anyhow, here's two photos of pre-yolked and post-yolked.



Anyhow, you should definitely check them out.
This dish is just so tasty, I'm already craving it again!

Overall: ★★★★☆

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