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Onions and Opinions| Foodie's adventure in Franco!

Onions and Opinions
-This tag is where I share my experience and dedication to all the spaghetti dishes that I've tasted.
I usually go for carbonara//alfredo or bolognese.

Current ranking:
1. Map's Creamy Herb Pasta with Porkballs
2. Pâtisserie BoutiQue Carbonara Spaghetti with bacon
3. Owl's Cafe Red Bolognese


Franco is known for their fusion concept of French-Japanese casual dining.

The thing is, since I'm an enthusiast in spaghetti, I didn't really pay attention to what they have.
But then good thing I took photos of the menu:

I was in Franco during the beginning of December, somewhere on the 7th.
They had a 3 Course Lunch Set promotion, where Carbonara spaghetti was available.

I called the waiter straightaway, asking for the set.
But somehow the waiters doesn't seem to be happy to work there. Huh.

Anyway, food is the priority, so, the first thing I got was the minestrone soup.
(which I drank it before I remembered to take photos.)

It was not bad, better than Kim Gary//Wong Kok's of course.

Then came the carbonara.
But man, I remember that I was famished.
My expectation was high.
But I suddenly felt... neutral.

Ya see, the meal looks fine.
It looks good enough to eat.
Another thing with an uncooked egg yolk on the top.

WHY WAS IT WATERY (????????)

I don't get it.
I thought mixing everything up, along with the yolk, would make it creamier.
Maybe it was the heat, maybe it'd be creamier after cooling down but NO.

I took a first bite and boy, I was expecting the taste to be rich but...
I mean, there's taste but... quite plain (??)
Or maybe it was the soup that made this dish plain.
I don't know.
I just wanna finish it up and go.

But then when the waiter brought the Vanilla Soflee to the table, everything changed.
It was good, surprisingly.
I would say that it's the higher quality version of Mc Donald's vanilla ice cream.
Its richer in taste and texture.
Although the cup is small, but I can guarantee you, it's enough after the soup and the main dish.


You can try their carbonara... but I'd suggest you to try their other fusion food.
If there's a meal set, with the soflee, don't hesitate too much.

Overall: ★★★☆☆☆☆

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