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My breakfast routine isn't really a consistent one because sometimes I wake up late for my classes in the afternoon and I'll just head to school for a brunch. When I do have breakfast, I don't usually get milk because it's kinda hard to buy milk from cafes and restaurants aside from chocolate milk.

At the same time, drinking milk isn't much of a culture in the Asian side of the world.

So, I was kinda lucky to be able to participate a 7 day challenge from Dutch Lady.

They started off by sending me a set of breakfast and also 7 cartons of milk for the challenge. 

A lot of my friends were drooling at the sight of the egg omgggggggg

So we all know what milk is good for -----> Bones and growth (esp adolescents)

Milk is pretty much what caucasians will drink every morning and I guess that's why they're all so strong and tall. Looking at us Malaysians, our breakfast usually consist of coffee, milo or fruit juice. The most we get were fibre and vitamin from fruit juice and caffeine from coffee. At the same time, our food doesn't seem to have high  protein or calcium level too.

Unless, you eat a lot of eggs and spinach.
But spinach for breakfast. Hah -w-'|

My family, for example. When we get milk from the stores, I usually just get any random full cream milk (my mother insisted) that was on sale on the day itself. I guess we don't really pay attention much to the difference in every brand's nutrients beside from their taste.

But milk is pretty important  for breakfasts mainly because they provide enough nourishments to kick-start our day. Did you know that 2 servings of milk a day helps to meet your nutritional requirement? I mean, 1 serving at breakfast can provide 200mg of calcium to jump start your daily nutritional intake! At the same time, Milk helps children to develop strong bones and teeth, and keeps adults' bones healthy due to the consistency of calcium in them.

Apparently, Dutch Lady PureFarm milk can provide at least 275mg of calcium.

Also, milk contains a range of essential nutrients like Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Calcium, Protein and Vitamin C, D, A, and B. People with lactose intolerance can also drink a cup of milk and it's the best when you pair it with other food.

So drink up your milk so that you can start your day extra energetic!


In the meantime, 
check out my 7 days Breakfast Challenge below :D

A photo posted by Zoelie Jasmine Mah ✾ (@zoeliewho) on

They all looked delicious isn't it :D
What are you waiting for? 
Start getting yourself some yummy yummy yummy breakfast for your tummy tummy tummy!


About Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad Incorporated in 1963, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) is a leading dairy company in Malaysia. It is owned by one of the largest dairy cooperative companies in the world, Royal FrieslandCampina NV, a Dutch multinational dairy company. Dutch Lady Malaysia was the first milk company to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1968 and the first to introduce Formulated Milk Powder for Children in Malaysia in 1988. Dutch Lady Malaysia, awarded as the Company of the Year 2014 by The Edge Billion Ringgit Club, manufactures and sells a wide range of quality dairy products for the home and export market, with all products enjoying a strong following in brands like Dutch Lady and Friso Gold. Through a unique collaboration between FrieslandCampina and four international research
teams/universities, the South East Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS) study was commissioned to study the nutritional status and insufficiency thereof found to be present in South East Asian children up to 12 years old.

Even Aaron Aziz & Diyana Halik love em!

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