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Unboxing & Review | Cerro Queen Dry Brush Holder

Okay, so, I have a lot of brushes. Right?
I mean, not as much as the professionals do.
I wanna wash all of them at once but looking for a place to dry them is such a hassle.
I'll have to find a place that is high enough and away from the bathroom, place a towel on it (my towels are all long-sized and thick), then make enough space for the water that's been soaked into the towel to evaporate faster, etc etc etc!!!

My room is tiny, so if I were to do that, I'll just make my life suffer.

Then I saw Hermo having a Chinese New Year (CNY) sale and one of them caught my eye.

*clear throat* So, of course lah, I went to take a look.
Yo. They brought in a brush drying holder... and of course, I quickly ordered.

So it doesn't really have a pretty packaging.
This brand is called Cerro Queen, very famous on Taobao since before Hermo even started... or maybe luxola too. Cerro Queen is known to sell makeup brushes in sets. Oh, they are quite affordable too, yup-yup, but as their popularity increased, the prices of their products increased too. The hair they used on the brushes ranges from synthetic to animal fur. Actually, I'm not sure if they are still using animal fur or nah. They used to make brushes out of horse tail fur, if I'm not mistaken. I mean, the last time I saw it on Taobao was few years ago. (After that time, I bought some cheap-arse brushes from F21. That's why I didn't bother obsessing with it anymore.)

Anyway, this is what it looks like when you take the items out of the packaging.
The label on the plastic wrap says: Please peel off protective sticker.

These are everything from the set.
You get two pieces for the stand and one with the silicon layer to hold the brushes.

Peel off the quite-sticky sticker and you'll reveal to yourself its true form.

Oh and this type of material looks a bit like those that get scratched fairly easy.
You might wanna be careful with it when you're using it.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, be very gentle when you are peeling off the sticker because.. 
well, let's just say that the protective sticker isn't at it's highest-end of quality.

This is what they'll look like once you peel the stickers off.
Assembling them is actually a very-easy job.

Now the holder part.. uhm.. it's already assembled. So let's leave it aside first.

Next, the second part is where you put these two together-

... by allowing them to intersect with each other. (.. where their souls combine into one and rise through their purest form, creating a whole new form of what they thought they could never be.) (Dramatic much? Yes.) (I was reading this book called How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer) (Totally won't recommend it lololollololol)

Now, put the holder onto the top of the stand through the hole in the middle aaaand you're done!

This is what the finished product looks like :D

It holds all shapes and sizes of your brushes. Most makeup brushes are made with the typical sizing range, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna work for most of you out there.

My thoughts:
It's pretty useful because in other times, when I have no space to lay them on my towel, I had to find a rack to tie them on. It was also unhygienic because the only small metal rack available was in the bathroom, right in front of the toilet bowl. At the same time, it is a shared toilet. So, I feel very unsettled every time I think about having to wash my brushes. Right now, with this holder, I could just place them on my table, directly next to the window and allowed more sunlight to shine on them. This does have some antibacterial effect and the sunlight will boost up the drying process (if not many then) a little. This thing is small, portable and very light. The silicon layer holds the brushes quite well. Of course, if the brush is too heavy (and wet), then it might slide off a little. In other cases, they work just perfectly fine.

Price-wise, I bought it in a Buy-2-for-Rm58 promotion along with PREBUTE Eyelid Supplement, so it's basically very worth it, considering their original prices to be around Rm30-40 each. Uhmmm.. not sure if I want to review this one tho, because I feel like it's going to be just like any other ordinary eye cream. Of course, it does feels different but I guess the overall functions are similar.
PREBUTE Eyelid Supplement - somewhat similar to eyecream but cooler, lighter and portable.

Along with the bundle, I purchased my second piece of eyebrow pencil from Witch's Pouch again because my first one is already 90% finished. I'll put up a review for it because I feel like it's totally worth your purchase. Why? Well, both the pencil and mascara have natural colours. The mascara's wand is just nice too. I'll give you the details later on but right now, it's time for me to go back to house chores.

Ps: purchasing while the cny promotion is still on and get 5pcs of hermo angpaos for free!

That's all for this post! See ya!

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