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Review| Witch's Pouch Dual Brow Pencilcara!

Okay, honestly, I don't really have a lot of experiences with different brow pencils from different brands but it's mostly because of this brow pencil. Yeah, I'm blaming it.


During the last blog post about the brush drying holder, I've mentioned that this was part of my haul as well because I basically repurchased another piece but also guess what, I got the wrong colour.
So I thought, "Yo, why not just make a comparison review as well?"

Funnily, when I tried to look for an official website of Witch's Pouch, I couldn't find it.
Perhaps they don't have one at all..? I know that it's one of the popular brand on Memebox and I heard from my friend that people praised this product because of the quality, (that's when I already bought it), but it's a little bit odd that they don't have a website of their own.

This is the description from Althea:
Looking to channel your darker side? Let Witch's Pouch bring out the temptress in you, making you feel alluring, confident and attractive with their take on beauty. Modern and trendy, Witch's Pouch offers and enchants with a range of chicly packaged beauty products which they pride themselves in, making cosmetics with ingredients of the highest quality while offering them at a reasonable price.
They are affordable. Head to Althea to check their pricing (if Memebox isn't available in your country).

My very first piece of this product is in the colour of Natural Brown.
It's now 95% used up. The only part available to use right now is the mascara part.

It is said to be recommended for people with natural dark hair.
"Chocolate color."

My second piece is in the colour of Rich Brown. It's fairly used right now because I couldn't wait anymore >< It's a lot better than the other substitutes available for me now.

It is said to be recommended for people with dyed hair.
"Caramel color."

Here's what the packaging looks like.
It's all in Korean, which is one of the language that I have yet to master it.
(I'm on my way ;) )

So let me try to translate it a little and maybe elaborate it too:
1. 3 Proof: Waterproof, Oilproof, Smudgeproof
2. 2-in-1: Pen + Mascara
3. Natural: Colours that makes your makeup looks natural
4. Lasting: (Refer to No.2???)
5. Multi: (Refer to No.2 again??????)
6. Easy: Non-complicating

Now, let's start comparing the brow pencils' colours.
Let's put Natural Brown on the left and Rich Brown on the right.

The pencil part is called the Auto Triangle Pencil.
They're pretty pigmented and soft as well. Light strokes will be enough to make the colour "Pop!"

Unfortunately, it's pretty delicate. They break a little bit more easier than expected.
(Also, that's pretty much everything that's left from the Natural Brown pencilcara of mine)

The mascara wands are pretty small but not as small as the new slim (eye) mascaras on the market now. The length of the wand makes it easier to move your hands around while coating your brows.

Here's a colour comparison for the two colours.
If you look closely, Natural Brown is solely brown shade whereas Rich Brown has red hues in it.

First stroke with pencil part: One time.
Second stroke with pencil part: Two Times
Third stroke with pencil part: Three Times

Click on the pictures below to have a closer view.
They look different on the skin, so here's my attempt to show you how different it is.
Natural brown on the left, Rich Brown on the right.

It's not obvious enough through camera but when you see it in real life, Rich Brown does have some reddish hues in it. The red hues doesn't make the colour look any less natural though.

Here's me wearing it for a few hours already:

I forgotten to do a 10-wipes testing on this one but here's what I've observed.
You can easily remove it with chemicals, like, any chemicals. Soaps, cleansers, detergent, makeup remover. Well, basically anything that has a cleaning function.

My thoughts:
This pencilcara is the first product I've got from Witch's Pouch, which I hesitated a lot before actually purchasing it. That's because I've never heard of this brand before, and when I do a light research, there wasn't a lot of people talking about it. I got it eventually because it was the cheapest dual-functioned brow makeup product available on Althea.

After trying the brow mascara for the first time, I was really surprised because it worked better than the brow mascara from Etude House. (Personal experience, heuheuh) Then the pencil colour is more natural that the one I got from Etude House as well. Considering that they have a similar price range, this product has successfully won my heart over Etude House. 

As much as I'm aware of, this product actually holds pretty well for most of the day. I usually go out for more than 4 hours, doing whatever needs to be done, such as going to university or run errands. The brow makeup stayed for a long time, but of course it can't stay for 24 hours. That would be a little bit crazy and unsafe to use because of the chemicals.

On the other hand, this product rubs off easily with makeup remover. It's pretty handy to have a makeup product that has a high staying power but is available to be erased easily with chemicals. It takes less effort to clean my face, thus saving more time and money. Also, because of that, I have less time exposing my face to chemicals which could end up drying my face even faster.

Speaking of irritations, this product doesn't give me that kind of hassle at all. It's pretty safe to be used on sensitive//eczema skin.

With all those keypoints I've mentioned, this product deserves 4 out of 5 stars. I'm deducting 0.5 star because the pencil 'lead' is too short, measured only roughly 2cm in total. The other 0.5 star is because of the price. It's a little bit more expensive than it should be, at Rm31 per piece.

Overall, this is a great product and until I found another replacement, I'm gonna repurchasing this repeatedly.

That's pretty much everything for this blog post!

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