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Foodie | The Leaf Nutrition : Raw Honey Chicken Breast

The Leaf Nutrition lunchbox advertisement was on my Facebook once and I was hungry
at work so I decided to give it a try and see if it's worth the 15 bucks.

When I was looking through the menu, this was the only one that I feel like getting.
So, here it was:

Raw Honey Chicken Breast

P.s.: I actually ordered this in hopes that it tastes like Bite & Pull's teriyaki chicken.

The packing is lite and simple.
Plastic container with plastic utensils.
Didn't check the label if its made out of  sustainable material.

The lunchbox itself consist of chicken, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, eggs and ... rice?
They labelled it as brown rice on their website but it doesn't taste like rice.

The thing is, they are supposed to provide me BBQ sauce but they didn't.
So I didn't enjoy the entire meal.

The rice is very dry.
The chicken is very dry and doesn't have much flavour.
The broccoli is tasteless.
The cherry tomatoes are okay.

Eating this is almost like what I'd imagine clean soil would taste like.

Overall, not nice
even though healthy
but still not nice

not recommending
not repurchasing
not lovin it

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