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Review| Witch's Pouch Velvet Two Way Cake in No.21

I was shopping on Althea previously and I found this on sale.
Since my Canmake one wasn't exactly living up to my expectations , I decide to give this a try.

While having doubts of it, I was kind surprised that they also give a free puff for each purchase.

So this is how big the case it.
For a makeup case, it doesn't have a flat design, so many might not like it since it's a bit bulky.
The weight is light tho.

The first layer of the of the product is the compact powder.
By the looks of it, the texture seems fine.
Just like any other compact powder with finer particles.

The second layer is the compartment for the puff.

I've used it once before this review.
This puff is not like any normal cotton puff.
It has a better velvet texture to it (surprisingly).
It has a slightly heavier feeling to it too.

Not sure if you can see it clearly but the velvety of this puff is just 

Hahaha, I mean to say high-end style luxurious actually

This is a close up of the powder.
This powder isn't so suitable to be used with brush as it will be kinda messy around the case.
The powder structure isn't so tight to be used with brushes, so, let's stick with  the puff.

This is me after wearing only concealer, before the powder.

Let's start! with just on pat on my face.

Here's after completely covering with the powder.
It does look a bit more powdery on my face than it is on my neck but that can be fixed if I put some powder on my neck. The powder also brightens up my face a bit. Nothing too fake, etc.

Placing the camera further from my face, you can see the after-effect of the makeup product but if I were to compare it with the one from Canmake, I prefer using this one more often than that.

My opinion:
The packaging of this product is on par with drugstore makeup products so I won't give so much points to that. So we will just pass on with that.

From the texture of the puff, it is a lot softer, velvety and has better effects than a normal sponge.
For Canmake's puff, it just looks like a random sponge for powder makeup. Kinda odd, but possibly why it makes my skin looks a bit cakey-er.

As for the compact powder itself, I really do like using it with the puff but for brush, it's not so pleasant. Basically messing up the entire case with the powder flying everywhere, not so tidy. I'm also not sure if the effect will be as good as with the velvet puff. So... I'll pass on with the brush as well. Also, another thing is that there's only 2 shades available to this. No 21 and No 23. It's gonna be weird if people wanted to have No 22 or anywhere darker than No 23 but there's no such option.

After a few hours, it still feels fine, although you still need to touch up just a bit, especially when you're under a hot and humid weather. However, if you're constantly in a cooling environment, you really don't need so much of touch ups to do. Often, I don't do touch ups throughout the entire day because I don't see the need to do so. So, yeap.

Makeup removing process is very easy since this is just a powder product.

Overall, this is kind of a good product to be used. It's affordable, less complicated and simply live up to my expectation.

That's all for this post!

Update (Youtube Video) was made on 14th July.

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