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Take a look | Official Party for Butterfly Project's 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Birthday to
Butterfly Project!

I was lucky enough to be able to participate the birthday bash~

Here's an evidence that I was there heheheh 

We start with the food first, ye? :D

There was a bunch of pastries available on the table and mmmmhmm
they are very very sweet

Here's the more colourful side of the table, featuring the cake, pink cupcake and lollipops.

Look at the cake, it's so beautiful! But I didn't get a chance to eat it because everyone was busy taking photos with it hehhehe. It's a shame that I didn't get to taste it :(

There was also some nachos, salad, meehun and other fried food available.
The fried stuffs are good tho :p

There was also some drinks at the side.
It tasted like syrup and soda.

My friends and I decided to sit at the back of the venue this time as well hahha

A couple of selfies with my gals before the party starts~

Cheeky gals <3

On every seat, there is one big goodie bag for every butterflies who had participated the event.
I wrote my name on it, I mean, I'm pretty sure the crew's handwriting is not this bad.

There was also a list of items available in the bag. 
Here's the front side of the list.

Turning it around reveals everything that's in the bag.
Looking at the list, there was a total of 18 items! SO EXCITING!

 Party begins!

Starting with Dee Leonard as our emcee :D

He's a really good emcee and he mentioned his story from being a zero to hero in our blogger community. His story is genuinely touching and inspiring. Kinda make me think of the values of blogging for my own blog.

Then our community leader, Tammy, also gave us a brief talk too.
(Brief because time was running up hahaha)

Afterwards, Sydney was with us for the unboxing session. 

While she was doing so, Eros was walking around, busy taking photos for the event.
( You're an awesome person, Eros! )

During the unboxing session, we took everything out one by one to double check if we have everything on the list. While we were doing so, I was stacking the products up (mainly because I don't want to occupy other people's space hahahha)

Look at the table, it's full of goodies!

Stacking game is stronk here :))
Probably from the tetris games when I was younger.

At the other side of the venue, GnG Studiobooth had set up a photo booth just for the event itself! They also had a really friendly crew who had helped us with the photo shooting.

The backdrop is so pretty omggggg. Look at those pastel colours working just right with the lights and the balloons!

Here's the full view of the backdrop set up by GnG.

This is us listening to instructions of the photoshoot. Apparently, it only has 5 secs in between shots so we gotta move fast with the props.

(Thanks to @Nicoleyie for these gorgeous photos while we were taking photos! :D )

(Look at Ridley lowering her height for us XD She's such a sweet heart <3 )

Quick front view photo before we hustle out of the booth.

In less than half a minute, we get to retrieve a hard copy of our photo collage :)

Here's a soft copy of it :D
The photo quality is actually really good!

but the screen is a tat bit slow, which is why the second photo is a bit off oriented huehue 

Here's two selfies before the event ends hehehhee

(Thank you, Candace, for this photo :D )

End of the party... :(

Reviews of the products will be posted soon :)


Finally, I just want to say that it's my pleasure to be able to be a part of the butterfly community. Having to know everyone here is such a wonderful experience. It's also really a surprise to know that I was picked to join this party because among 5000 people, there was only 50 participants invited for this party. I would like to give a huge thanks to Tammy, the founder, for making this possible as well Thank you for keeping the community strong and also putting a lot of effort to make sure that the blogger community in Malaysia is not deteriorating. It's a difficult job but I'd like you to know that we're all in this together.

Blogging is not just a hobby. It is a person's effort to share his/her honest opinions which could affect a brand's potential profitability, which works just like how Instagram influencers do.


Photos below are from Eros himself :)

Whole Group Photos

Group photo

With Candace

With Dash and Ridley

Icebreaking intro

With Candace and Dash

Cameo shots. 

(Edited with blur filter for visual purposes.)
Just let me be a narcissist for awhile please :3

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