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Foodie| Brown and Sugar by Syai - Tangled Berries Cheese Tart

About 3 months ago, I started to plan for my birthday which is supposed to be on October 7th. (Yes! I know! It's fekin early! But planning early is safer!)

Anyway, I came across this bakery on Instagram out of sheer luck. Mainly attracted by their cheese tart with a girl on it who wears a rose-petal dress.

I was seriously HOOKED.
I was even more HOOKED when I stalked their Instagram account. Like, OH MY GOD!!!!! Their colour combination is so perfect! But before I could bring myself to buy a cake that's over 200 bucks, I need to try their products. I really have to try it. So I went to order one for the Mother's Day occasion and ta-daa!

This one is called Tangled Berries.
It's a cheese tart.
I bought it at RM47.

Seriously, I'm obsessed with the packaging.
So sleek and elegant!

The best part?
When you open the container, the smell of those berries would just rush into your nose, lingering inside with that sweet and fresh smell.

Today is the third day after collecting the cake!!!
It's still so fresh yo!!!

But I was still feeling skeptical...
I mean, usually (from other bakeries) the crust would already be soggy and all. But you won't really know until you taste it. Worst part is, I gotta wait for a couple of hours before trying because this cake was meant to be eaten in the restaurant with my family.. ugh!

Now, because cutting the cheese tart when it is inside the container would be difficult, I decided to bring it out and place it onto a plate. (Later on, I moved it to a slightly larger plate.)

Here's my opinion!

First of all, DAMN the crust is still CRUSTY when I cut it! It still taste fresh after 3 days. I can literally taste the freshness (thanks to all the good food my parents fed me, I'm really good at differentiating fresh food and un-fresh food.) The fruits? omg..... they are totally fresh and sweet and tasty! They don't taste like those cheap-arse mofo fruits you get from a random speedmart store. These fruits are seriously guuud. After that, the cheese taste so unbelievable. That richness of texture and taste, inviting that sweet scent of cheese into the back of your mouth as you chew it slowly... The overall taste is not shivery at all! But I'd still recommend sharing the tart haha. My mom was like: you can taste the quality the moment you put it into your mouth. She was right! It's really not your ordinary cheese tart. Quite uncommon to get my whole family to agree on the quality of food too, in which they really did agree on this cheese tart. Oh! There's also some berry jam/puree inside the cheese.

So, for the price of RM47 (and also RM20 for Uber delivery) for a small cheese tart that's like, about 5 inch in diameter and around 2 inch in height? I think it's worth it.

So the important question of the day:
Will I buy this again? Yes!
In fact, I'm planning to buy their tall cake as my 21st birthday cake! At the same time, I will be buying other tarts for different occasions in the future too :D

Will I recommend you to buy it?
Yes! but honestly no, because i dont want other people to share the same bakery as mine during their bday huehuehuheuhuehue.


Everything made by Brown and Sugar by Syai is totally halal, which means everyone (in Malaysia) can eat it! They specialize in dessert tarts and customized cakes, which means that you can totally have the freedom to request how you'd like your cake to look like (of course, it has to be within their product range settings (i.e.: size and ingredient). Most of their customized products can be found on their Instagram and they also have multiple sets of colour palette available for you to choose from. Go to their website to check out more! :D

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