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Review| Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Midnight Red

This lipstick was a gift from my friend to me.
It was one of her promotion where if you spend RM300 and over, you get a lipstick. Another promotion is available when you purchase RM500 and above.

The packaging itself looks pretty ordinary until a change the focus point onto that small little logo on it. Not sure if it's Mary Kay's logo or not because I haven't seen any symbolic logos from their catalog. 

The shade here is Midnight Red, one of the darkest colour available.

At the top of the lid, you can peak inside to see which colour you're holding. This actually makes things convenient since the rest of the lipstick is covered with black.

However, I personally don't like the design of this part. I feel like MK can do better than this. But technically, it doesn't really affect the outcome of the product.

In my opinion, Midnight Red should be the darkest colour available that doesn't have too much of the pink hues. Pink hues aren't suitable for asians, after all. I usually pick orange hues but by referring to the swatches online, all of them are very pinkish in their own colour hues.

The length of the lipstick is quite decent.
Just like other brand's lipsticks.

If you look closer, you'll see water vapor on the sides of the lipstick. It's a sign that there is moisture in this product but at the same time, my fear is that the lipstick will ended up really dry after few months later as the moisture in this product evaporates at quite a quick pace. Hopefully it wouldn't be a problem to me since I'll be using this quite often due to my liking of this colour.

Here's the ingredient list:

My opinion:

Overall, I feel that this product works quite well. I really do like its colour formula. However, I'm quite disappointed at the product formula itself as it does not really mix well with other moisture (i.e.: saliva). Without proper application, the outcome of the lipstick would look blotchy here and there. In order to apply it better, one must make sure that her lips are dry enough before application.

To me, the packaging isn't really the main point, so I don't really focus on it too much. But it does seem to be easily distinguished from other brands due to its different-looking packaging. The little logo did gain a little bonus point though.

The price range of Mary Kay is almost similar to Laneige's but slightly more affordable. For about RM56, this lipstick works quite okay. If we had to be more radical in terms of being affordable, NYX would be a great substitute to this. But then again, the main focus of Mary Kay's marketing target is different from NYX, so it would be a little bit unfair to compare both of them. Mary Kay's target would be more towards consumers who are currently working whereas NYX targets teenagers more than older consumers.

The texture of this lipstick does feels a bit like Colourpop's Ultra Matte lipglosses but not as dry as that. It's quite easy to spread around and does not feel flake-y when you rub your lips together. Removal is easy and does not need too much effort or steps to do so.

And here's me with my bare face, messy table and the lipstick on.
Absolutely 0% distance feeling, family-friendly and everyday-like.

Would I recommend you to buy this?
Yup, if you're into dark colours just like me.
A few of my friends gave it a thumbs up too.

If you don't know where to find a reliable consultant that sells authentic Mary Kay products, feel free to send my friend a text and she can hook you up with some great deals. (I'm not paid to do this though. You can probably read from my honest opinions too.) Her details are below:

Wong Lee Yien
Wechat: leeyien31

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