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Unboxing + Mini Review | Butterfly Project Birthday Presents from 13 brands!

On the 29th of May, I was given the privilege to attend the anniversary party of the community that I joined - The Butterfly Project. It was wonderful and cheery, absolutely the opposite of my personality, and everyone was so amazing around.

This is the long list of items that we were provided regarding to what is in the birthday bag. Brands like Adidas, Clinelle, Dolly Wink and Mamonde were included too!

*This list is not ranked*

Wanderlust Things #wanderlustthings

Powder brush, Foundation brush, Contour brush, Highlight brush and Blush brush

The synthetic brushes feel soooo soft just like a fluffy unicorn and the colours are magical but I prefer a brush with only monotones instead of too colourful >< 

The code in the picture is available for discount until End of June :)
Check out the detailed review along with Harry Potter Makeup Brush-Wands here:

W.Lab #WLab

10 colours in total ( 7 Shimmery, 3 Matte)

Sleek packaging. Totally love it!

Okay, I'm not sure why the photos are blurred but uhm this is how it looks like.

Here's a slightly clearer picture.

The colour outcome is actually pretty light besides the last two colours. Most of them are in orange hues. Great for Asians!

These colour could also look pink when they are applied on to Asian (yellow) skin.

The colours actually stayed pretty nicely on my lids when I wore them out all day. I actually love the colour range but I'm not entirely a big fan of shimmery makeup products because they make me look like some weirdos from older Hong Kong movies where they were often the comedian with bad endings. Overall, this is a great product! Small, sleek and elegant. Just not so much hype for the glitter from me das all.

Orkid Cosmetics #OrkidCosmetics

Liquid Lipsticks RM39 each
Vibes | Blush | Mars | Turnt 

The formula is very thin and lightweight. It is not gooey or sticky at all. It also takes a very short amount of time to dry off so it's pretty convenient for people who are late for work :p  Just play around with the wand inside the tube and you'll see how thin-layered it is.

This is a sample palette for each colour.
You can see swatches from my detailed review.
The link at the end of this section, i.e.: Orkid section.

Check out the detailed review here:

1028 #1028_my

This is the oddest looking mascara packaging I've seen.. honestly, a bit like pasar malam product HAHAHHA but jokes aside, this brand is very well known in Taiwan for a very long time. You can probably say that they are the Mabelline of Taiwan.. or something like that :3

Apparently, this is the upgraded version with Vitamin B5 included, which allows the lashes to stay curly for a longer period. The front tip, a.k.a. diamond tip, was made to coat smaller lashes easier whereas the back tip, a.k.a. corn tip, was made to have a wide eye effect during application.

At the same time, it is supposed to have 5 functions:
- Longer lashes
- Voluminous lashes
- No clumps
- Defined lashes
- Light weight

I genuinely find it to have a very similar packaging as Mabelline. Not gonna talk about who imitated who's idea because it's going to be unnecessary. It is the results that matters the most. 

Here's how the tip of the wand looks like

The coating is dark and slightly creamy. Not enough to clump lashes unless you paint a lot of coats.

Surprisingly, this mascara doesn't smudge! It stays on the lashes for as long as possible, which in my case, over 8 hours. The only down part is that it doesn't give as much volume as expected however the length of my lashes is increased. Overall, this is a very incredible product when you compare to Maybelline's Hyper Curl Volum Express but the price is so, so, so far in between. Maybelline's cost 100baht in Watson's Thailand whereas 1028 costs RM59.90. But then again, you get what you pay for, isn't it?

Dolly Wink #DollywinkMalaysia

Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black RM69.90

The packaging is very much like the Royalty type of genre. I would think of those powerful Queen when it comes to a colour combination like this.

It claims to have high resistance towards liquid and sebum while it dries out quickly.

To use it, you should use the pencil to fill in the spaces, then and only then you draw a smooth line just above your lashes. (Honestly, I'll just use this pen for everything HAHAH I don't like using pencil and liquid liners together even though they last longer if applied in this method.)

Koji, in my opinion, is like a beauty product empire in Japan that creates a bunch of great innovative products. They always have their products on par with other already-on-the-top products that may cost even more than Koji's product. However, because they are at the top, their prices get to increase as well. So to experiment their product is like a luxury because I'm not wealthy enough huehuehue.

The length of the pen is very general. Nothing too special besides the packaging.

It's a brush tip, which is MY FAVOURITE. I'll never use felt tip because they will never produce colours as dark as they should be, that is, if you draw it on your skin. Felt tip brushes are excellent on paper but never good enough when you use them on your skin. The colours will simply disperse into every direction, resulting an undefined line that looks very unprofessional. All of these may not happen if the felt tip liner's quality is very atas (on top of the game). Brush tips delivers the exact colour when applied to our skin, that's why I'll always stick to it.

Since I started doing makeup, I've only trusted K-palette because their eyeliner really lived up to its name - 1 Day Tattoo. It stays on like a temporary tattoo and 'smudges' like a temporary tattoo, too. However, I tried to use it as little as possible because it does ink my lower eyelid after sometime, which is a major turn off as I do look like a psycho dark witch who will cut anyone who's blocking my path. After trying this brand, I've finally realize why everyone has been raving about em. They don't smudge to my lower eyelid!!!!!!!!! I'm literally awed!

The tip is also very strong in the sense where, when you draw a very fine line, it wouldn't sway around!!! IT'S SIMPLY AMAZING. While comparing to K-palette, I believe that I will purchase Dolly Wink when I run out of liquid liners because the prices are in the same range but Dolly Wink does not ink my lower eyelid.


So I took some time to apply the eyeliner, liquid lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara that I had received and below are the photos that took me centuries to take because of my awkward face....

Here are some closer photos on the eyes:


Mamonde #MamondeMY

Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner RM39 (4ml)

Mamonde gives me the impression where they product garden-themed products. This one here gives me more of a sense of exclusivity but less intimidating.

It claims to be waterproof and last longer without flaking or smudging.
This one is in color No.1 : Black.

The product itself has a good gripping feeling to it. Doesn't seem flimsy and the handle is long, possible to accommodate every sizes of the hand.

The content is quite watery. Not so much of a gel feeling but it dries off with the gel effect.
The tip is quite ok. Not too sharp or too bold.

I tried drawing on a piece of paper and it felt exactly like calligraphy ink with the same texture and colour result. While using this product, you are supposed to adjust the amount of product at the tip of the wand using the tube before applying. This is because when you take out the wand, the tip of the wand has wayyyy to much product on it. It would be difficult to adjust your lines if you did not adjust the ink at the tip first.

Floral Hydro Mist - Narcissus RM49

Having facial mists is like, skeptical for me because I tried Caudalie's Grapefruit spray which is 200ml for about RM70, but it doesn't gives much moisture as I needed but it's mostly because they don't use other ingredients in the product other than just Grapefruit. My second spray is from Innisfree but it's so expensive, like, a bottle of 80ml is almost RM60.

Mamonde, on the other hand, it is 120ml for RM49. It has the nano-particle sprayer head instead of the standard sprayer head that sprays out large water particles. Those can weigh down your skin, especially when you're wearing makeup. But it's a little hard to press on it, so it takes time to get used to it. The narcissus scent is very light and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all. The content has a slight sticky texture but it's mostly watery.You can use it over your bare skin or even makeup. Best results for spraying it from an arm's length away. The only thing you have to be careful is that this bottle is flammable. 

I personally believe that it should be used before makeup since it might ruin your makeup. It's really good as a primer but not exactly good as a makeup setting spray. It does make me feel a bit uncomfortable after spraying because my skin needs plenty of air (and water, my skin is like a drained water tank, craving for more water) but this product was sort of sticky. I'l use it only when I'm in a ventilated air conditioned room.

Update: It smells a bit like tea too hehe. 

Neesya #neesyaskincare

Cleansing Set RM39

Neesya is a local product and I think I've seen the advertisements somewhere before.

This box set has a cleanser and a scrub that has no tiny particles in it. Apparently these are in full-sized.... A bit sad to know because if they sell larger sizes, it would be better.

So, what you're supposed to do was to use the scrub first and then cleanse your face but then the directions on the box also mentioned that you're supposed to apply the scrub on “cleansed, dry skin” ?? I feel a bit confused here so what I'm going to do is to cleanse my face then only use the scrub.

The way to use the scrub is different than normal products. You are supposed to apply an even layer first, then massage lightly in circular motions for 30 sections and leave for another 3 minutes. Wet your fingers before rinsing it off to gently massage it. You are also not recommended to use it for more than 10 minutes.

The cleanser is a white based gel whereas the scrub is a transparent based gel.

This one is a surprise. Honestly I don't give too much hopes on local brands because I felt disappointed sometimes using local products but this one is genuinely good. Although it has a watery texture, the cleanser and the scrub does not fail to feel good on my skin. Also, I don't feel any irritation at all! Not even an itch! After washing it off, I do fell that my skin is so much different from washing with my usual cleanser. 

Hadabisei #HadabiseiMY

Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich 5pcs RM48.70
Said to be available in selected Aeon outlets

Honestly, I don't think I remember seeing this brand but I'm sure that the Taiwanese Beauty show had talked about it before when they were on holiday at Japan.

The product is said to have Hyaluronic Acid & Royal Jelly.

There are a total of 5 pieces in the box.

The direction of using it is to apply after cleansing and toning your face. You can leave it from 5-10 min if you have normal skin and up to 20min if you have dried skin. Remove it and then massage the remaining essence into your skin.

Since I'm a little bored, here's a collage of step-by-step for this product!

It did not give me any discomfort when I'm using it. However, It doesn't really feel like it gave me as much moisturizing as I need. Still not bad of a mask tho. Just not a big fan of sheet mask that aren't using cotton sheets.

Clinelle #myclinelle

UV Defense SPF50 RM48.70

Clinelle has more advertisements than Cellnique. (I used Cellnique many times and never once tried clinelle before this). At first, I can't even tell if there's a difference between the names of these two brands but after a few attempts of differentiating them, I've finally got it.

Cellnique is more towards facial salon type whereas Clinelle is more towards department store type.

Since I was given the opportunity to try, honestly, I felt skeptical about their product mainly because not many people around me had been talking about this brand. But I gave it a try and wow.. I'm genuinely impressed??????? Like, for real ??????? 

This is a white watery-based sunblock that is very light weigh and does not feel irritating on my skin at all! In which this is a big deal because other sun screen are greasy / turn greasy after applying. I feel that this sunscreen is so underrated and it deserves more attention. Also, the price is more affordable than brands like Laneige and Shuemura, which their sunscreen had made my skin feel itchy and sticky and greasy and uncomfortable. Totes gonna choose this brand over the others.

PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask RM75.90

Honestly, this packaging looks a bit.. sad.. I would most probably glance over it when I'm shopping in any drugstores that sells this.

The bottle/tube itself looks just like any other moisturizing product but the blue is easily detectable.

This product is at a pH5.5 with Natural Phyto Hyaluronic Acid and it also has a 3x Hydracalm Action. It claims to have no paraben and also tested dermatologically. It is for all skin types as well.

My first impression after using: WHAT. THE. HECK.
How is it possible that a product that is at pH5.5 doesn't irritate my skin?!?!?! I tried Dr Morita & Cure Skincare and both of em almost burned me! (Or at least, that's how I felt) This one is sooooooo good, like, I can apply as much as I want without having to worry about the itch! But can I be completely sure bout it? Actually it can be a bit skeptical because I consumed Atarex to stop my skin from reacting. BUT, it is guaranteed that this product does moisturize my skin. I can swear to the Goddess of Venus that my skin looked different when I woke up this morning! Another underrated product that should be getting more attention!

Update 23 June 2017: Using it for everyday and still have no issues with it!!

Hot Body Shaper Cream RM89.90

Okay, so, I literally laughed when I saw this in the bag because this is the least expected items and honestly I've thought about buying this but it was too expensive for my budget (since Bancream was only about 300 baht in Thailand).

This product claims to have no artificial fragrance, no artificial coloring, no comedogenic ingredients, no mineral oil, no SD-alcohol and no Lanolin. It has also claimed to be formulated and manufactured from France. Other than that, they claim to "firm arms & thighs, sculpts & tones body, flattens tummy, reduces cellulite and moisturizes" the skin.

Another claim is to provide shaping results in 7 days and visible results in 28 Days.

So the product claimed that it is "formulated with SenseHot thermal action, it delicately warms up the skin for immediate penetration of active ingredients into skin, assuring maximum results of shaping treatment for a slender & firmer body figure." It was also meant to "prevent sensitized skin condition."

It needs to be stored in cool and dry area while avoiding any heat or direct sunlight. Also, it cannot be used on eyes, breast, armpits, genital areas & other mucous membrane (possibly wounds?).

The packaging is really big. It has 170ml in it and there's a roller at one end of the product.

The direction of use is to apply vigorously every morning & evening while massaging in circular motions onto areas like your arms, tummy and thighs.

There is the OFF and ON label, indicating which side will open up the opening for the cream to come out.

This product has 5 rollers which are meant to help massaging products into the skin. I personally think that the rollers should be coming out more to promote blood flow because it's doesn't feel like the roller is there when I tried the product on my skin. Maybe my thighs are too thick, I don't know.

Here's the ingredient list:
Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Acrylamide/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer, Parfum*, Isohexadecane, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 80, Phyllacantha Fibrosa Extract, Sorbitan Oleate, Sphacelaria Scoparia Extract, Hydrolzyed Algae Extract. *Parfum is from natural sources.
 Benefits of Organic Brown Algae:
1. Firming with PheoSlim G:
Visibly reduces the size of arms, waistline and thighs.
2. Toning with Scopariane:
Significantly reduces stubborn cellulite and smooth skin unevenness.
3. Whitening with 3M3 Whiteris G:
Functions as melano-minimizer that reduces melanin formation for fairer skin.
4. Moisturizing with Apricot Extract:
Intensively moisturises, nourishers and rejuvenates skin with a pleasant scent.

I used this after my shower on my right thigh and oh my god I feel the burning sensation. It is as if someone put a warm cloth over my cold skin but instead of the warm cloth cooling down, it had somewhat became warmer. This burning sensation could be uncomfortable for some people. As for me, I tend to have a high tolerance of pain so I'm still okay. Well, not to say that this is painful but the burning was surely unexpected. My only body-shaper product was Bancream and that thing makes your skin feels minty and cooling instead of warm and burning.

Anyway, after a few minutes the burning sensation lowered a little and I can still feel a tinge of it. But overall I do feel like this is a really good stuff because it happens to work like it says, which is warming up your skin hahhahhahhaahha. Honestly, I need a month time to see the visible results so the other claims can't be confirm yet. However, you can always check out other blogger's reviews ๐Ÿ˜š

Oh! Btw, there's a bundle sale going on! You should totally check it out.

Adidas #AdidasBodyCareMY

Honestly... huh????
I was a bit surprised seeing this because.. ISN'T THIS A MEN'S PRODUCT?? I mean, it was categorized as a men's product on Watsons and the packaging doesn't really look like a unisex product..... but yoooooo Adidas yo!

Climacool Shower Gel RM29.90

Okay, I took a sniff at the product and it smells like Head and Shoulder. Anyway, this shower gel doesn't feel very cooling unless you shower under cold water, which is something that I will always refuse to do because I'm a person with cold temperature body. Showering with cold water will have a higher chance to kill me as compared to irregularly warm water. Also, I prefer to have squeaky clean body rather than just feeling cool, so I'll continue using my Shokobutsu.

This tiny lil guy here is a spraying deodorant. Something that a lot of athletes from my high school just loooooves to spray on themselves. I'm pretty sure that they could finish a can of this under 1 week, tops.

Ok, I am not a fan of deodorant mostly because of the news and info about how they cause breast cancer, etc. But those are mainly targeting at roller deodorant because they are sticky and they contain a lot of chemical. For this one though, it feels very light after spraying it em to my underarms (I really tried it on myself instead of asking a friend to help, like I mentioned on my other platforms.) The smell is literally like how athletes smells like, after a cooling shower. Refreshing and sporty. I touched the areas that I sprayed and if you press your fingers harder, you can pick up slightly stickiness on it. It's not as bad as roller deodorant though. Anyway, I don't exactly know how deodorant works after applying for few hours but this product is not bad. You can try it if you'd like to but it's simply not my cup of tea.

Pax Moly #PaxMolyMy

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel RM29.90

So, below is the exact product info extracted from the bottom of the tube.
Aloe Vera Gel is good for calming, refresh and soothing. This transparent gel is ideals to use whole body including face, arms, leg and hair. Your skin will packed solid with full hydration. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Instantly absorbed into the skin and leave it supple, vitality and hydration without any greasy residue, In addition, you can use it to blend with other cosmetics to boost up the hydration effect. No Paraben, No Artificial coloring, No Mineral Oil, No Benzophenone.
I don't know who wrote this but I had a good laugh at some of the errors in there HAHHAA.

Now, as I am writing this, I'm comparing it with the Nature Republic one that my sister got for me during her Korea trip (it is legitimately bought directly from their official store). The Pax Moly one has a very light texture which does not bring the sticky sensation after applying it all over my lap whereas the Nature Republic one is more stickier and it takes time for the stickiness to lower down. I guess you can also say that Nature Republic's one does take a longer time period to be absorbed. I'm also surprised that my skin absorbed Pax Moly's gel real fast. Like, it probably took less than half a minute? Nature Republic's gel took more than 2 minutes, I believe.

Although I do favor Pax Moly after trying it out but I do feel skeptical about this brand because there is no official website available for it and they don't really have a lot of information about this product. Another thing that kept me hesitating is the ingredients of this product.

Nature Republic Ingredient list:
"Aloe vera leaf extract (92%), Ethanol, Glyceryl polyacrylate, Dipropylene glycol, Butyleneglycol, glycerin, propylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, Polyglutamic acid, Betaine , Hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate), Marigold (Carendula officinalis) flower extract, Spearmint (mentha viridis) extract, Lemon balm (melissa officinalis) extract, Carbomer, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Water, ParfumDisodium EDTA"

Pax Moly Ingredient list:
"Water, Glycerin, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, PEG-60 Hydrogenerated Castor Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Carmellia Sinesis leaf extract, Bamboo (Bambusa Vulgaris) Extract, Chlorphenesin, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance"

Although Pax Moly doesn't seem to have acid in their product, or maybe they do but just not as much, the ingredient that concerned me the most is the Chlorophenesin, which is a synthetic preservative. According to EWG, Japan had restricted this chemical in cosmetics. Probably not all, but judging from Japan's views in health and beauty, this could mean something that is not completely bad but there is definitely not much good about it. Although it is not as hazardous but I'm still feeling a little skeptical about this chemical.

So what do I think about this product?
It's really not bad. It works as what they have claimed to do but my fear is that my face can't take it. I have eczema skin and they just freak out even when there's literally nothing much that triggers them.

Photobook Malaysia #Photobookapp

A complimentary of Simple Book RM79 and 4R prints 50pcs RM25

Honestly, I didn't need to use them because I've had a lot of stuff printed from them before. The quality is not bad but most of the free ones are in the material of an economic style business card.

I've printed over 1000 4R prints with them and also some other photobooks as well.
Here are some of the examples: 

So, this is the book I made with the photos that I've taken.
Every single photo in this book belongs to me, including the cover ( just saying like just in case someone claims that it's theirs )

So, the colour quality isn't bad at all but the alignment for placement them does take time to learn since they have a not-so-user-friendly software layout and it's difficult to do a lot of things on it.

Here's a stack of my selfies during 2015 when I was still so into it.
I literally don't take much selfies anymore since I'm fatter and my skin got worse huehue...

Not as thin as normal photo paper. Has an obvious card stock touch.

This is the surface quality. It's really not the photo paper type but rather just paper-paper.

Overall, I'm really okay with Photobook and their quality, it's really not bad but my quality-prioritized aunt had convinced me to focus on the longevity of printed photos instead of just printing it for fun. (She's been obsessed with photo prints that last bout 100 hundred years.)

Will I still purchase from them though? Only when I need the photos with affordable prices hahah.

G&G Studiobooth #gngstudiobooth

Photobox Prints (priceless treasure)
Just like their name, the outcome of the photo-shoots are absolutely glamorous! I'm completely awed by how they put different pastel colours together, making the pictures to look so pretty. I'm completely jealous of their creativity!

This was the set up that they had prepared for the party. (Thanks again, Nicole, for the lovely photos >w< !!) The entire thing is absolutely perfect!!!!!!! but a bit sad because I can't afford the service for my party ahhahahhahahah tapi (but) if you're into event hosting then this company is definitely worth the recommending.


That is all for the unboxing!
Hopefully there are some things in this list that made you wanna rush to the store and buy em hahha. I've linked the websites to most of the products and you can go ahead and check em out! :D

See ya next post!

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    1. Thanks gurl! Will totally follow your suggestions :D

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    1. Thank you Sharon!!! (I was thinking that my comments for some products weren't long enough leh.. HAHHA) Ya, It took me almost half a month heheh~ I saw your bloggies~ Mars lippie looks good on you ;)