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Review| Kiss & Tell - Ashleigh Pumps 3.0 in Nude

Recently went to a prom-like event from my university and had to buy shoes at the very last minute (a lot of things happened within that week). A friend of mine suggested these from Kiss and Tell so without much thought, I went straight to the KL Stockists (since I'm from KL).

On the prom day itself, I went to Pavilion first and it was located in Parkson Elite. Neat, because there's hardly any sales there. The sales guy was friendly and he told me that the shoes are durable and the 'leather' will not come off easily. Fair enough. I told him I wanted to check with KLCC Stockist first. He was okay with it, so KLCC I went. By walking. It was hot and humid. I used a shortcut since I was in a rush. The canopy walk was unnecessarily long.

By the time I've reached KLCC, I only had a few hours left before driving home. Went into Isetan and... no one served me until I questioned a lady nearby if she's responsible for the Kiss & Tell section. She said she wasn't and that she could help. (Wow. So helpful. I stood there for over 20 minutes while you and your other colleagues were pretending not to see me.) Anyway, she went to check the stock but told me that they were sold out. Neat. There was a 10% discount too. I'm a student so of course, I was all excited for it but was disappointed by the fact that they did not restock. I was there at 11:30am.... on a Saturday. They cudda restock on Friday...

Sucked it up and walked back to Pavilion again. Met the same sales guy, took the shoes and left. (I really shouldn't have walked away without checking too.) I told Kiss & Tell everything and they offered me 20% off if my Instagram post was featured on their IG. Not.. so... appealing. Thanks for the offering tho.

During Prom:


My friend, the one who had suggested me these heels, told me they don't hurt but actually, they do. A little bit. Blisters on the pinky toes were expected anyway. Do I look good in em? Heck yeah, look at my legs. They look fantastic. Oh. Had to cover my friend's face for his privacy. If you're interested in him do let me know huehue.


Kiss & Tell

Ashleigh Pumps 3.0 in Nude

Size 35

Outer: Synthetic suede
Inner: Synthetic lining
Bottom: Non-slip sole
Here's a bird view. 

Here's an inner side view.

Here's an outer side view.

"Heel measures approximately 4.5 inches with a 1.5-inch platform"
 I didn't measure them tho but it's really, really, tall.

"Non-slip sole"
Not a fan of the non-detailed bottom. The lines weren't deep enough, which could mean that slipping is easy. But then they mentioned on their website that they used non-slip sole. I wouldn't want to try on slippery floors, actually. My ankle is already unfix-able, I don't need to worsen it any further.

"Fuss-free hook buckle"
Yep, it's easy to hook on but a bit hard to adjust with the strap since they are hard. Oh yeah, not sure what happened to the brass. It's either during the event or it was already like this before I purchased.

The seams.. were a bit off. I believe that they could've done better.

Same goes to another shoe.

"Cushioned inner, lined at the back"
Yeah, my feet (the heel part) didn't feel any tension while I was wearing it. But I noticed something today. Glue stain.

Checked on other parts. Found some here.

There's a lot here.

This. This. I don't know what happened. I only saw it today. Like I said, I didn't check while I was at the stockist stall. My shoes were kept in the box while I'm not wearing so it's definitely not the dogs. Another possible reason was that it happened when I wore it during prom. I do not recall scratching it with anything. Only this shoe was affected so. 

Ugh. My heart. Sakit hati (heartache). What happened to the "they last very long" thing... :(

Overall Opinion:
I'm thankful that my friend had given me the suggestion tho. I would legitimately panic if I couldn't find any heels to wear for the night. These heels are really pretty looking and they made my legs look schexayyyyy. I wasn't expecting it to cause so little pain as well (I had a bad experience with certain heels). It was also interesting for me to buy this brand because the founder had the same issue with me, super duper small feet (I'm around size 3-5). She's also local. (This brand is local).

However, I'm not so happy with the uhhhhhhhh durability and the sole because I've spent half the price on a pair of (discounted) Lewre heels 3 years ago and they don't have similar issues like these until now. Hopefully, these heels are going to last long enough because geezus krist they cost a fortune.

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