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Review | Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Lemon (and Milk)

I was in Okinawa for a couple of days and was told to try the "transparent milk tea" that everyone has been so obsessed with, to the point where the locals in Okinawa were questioning why HAHAHA

Let me just briefly talk about the original (Milk Tea) flavour. Honestly, it's nothing like the milk tea in Malaysia. The milk tea beverages available in Malaysia are just dead-sweet, like diabetic-sweet and taste like the chemical. This is nothing like that. The first taste was smooth and the sweetness is just right. I was bracing myself for that diabetic attack but was surprised by how different it is. Quite frankly, there wasn't any chemical taste at all. It's just like drinking water except that there's a bit of the milk tea flavour in it. Quite a fresh experience. But before I could bring home the bottle, it dropped it on the floor and it rolled underneath the hotel bed. Oh, wells. 

Went to the convenient store and spend another 100+ Yen to get another flavour. My best friend urged me to get a few of this back home and I did. (Just 3 bottles haha. Just 3. I gave her one and now I'm left with two.)

Anyway, they are quite obvious on the shelf whenever you visit a supermarket or a convenient store. They are even available in vending machines but the ones that I saw are smaller bottles at the similar/higher price. Sooooo, it's better to get them in supermarkets or convenience stores. 

By the way, I can't really Nihon-go but here's a picture in case you know how :3 Some of the words are in Chinese characters, which I could understand but to really understand what they are saying, it's a liiiiiiiittle bit difficult. But here's what I could make out from the text:

- Spring Water
- Black Tea fragrance 
- Natural fruit extract
- Sugar (coarse sugar and syrup)
- Salt
- Preservative (?)

 Here's the verdict:
It smells like the Spritzer's lemon flavoured Pop Carbonated Water and it tastes like diluted lemon juice with some honey in it, in a good way. Again, it has a smooth taste, not too sweet, the flavour is just right and there's no chemical taste in it.

Although it has a refreshing taste to it, I'm not quite a big fan of drinking this... or even the Milk flavour. Personally, I'm more of a plain water or fruit juice kind of gal. Then again, I suppose this beverage fits Japanese people's taste more than ours since they prefer lighter flavouring in their food and beverages. However, I'll still recommend you to try them in Japan. I would personally prefer Lemon over Milk since it tastes fresher and lighter. (Honestly, milk tea was never my favourite anyway.)

By the way, Mix is selling for about RM8.80 which I think is a liiiiiiittle bit overpriced. I would still recommend you to buy it in Japan when you get a chance to visit that country.

(Start from Okinawa first!! That place is amazing and not as expensive as Japan's mainland.)

That's all for this post!

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