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Review| Lensme Korea - QLO in Grey

I've recently found out about a very interesting pair of lenses from Korea and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about them. I went around the internet to find a way to get em and oh my lord they look so amazing on in the official photos. I've also figured out that it was difficult to purchase online since the sources may not be reliable. Eventually, I managed to find a way to get them (huehue sankius my sayang bestie).

 Enough admiring >w< Let's just straight into reviewing!


Lensme Qlo in Grey

20000 KR₩
3 months | 13.6mm | 14.2mm DIA | 8.6mm BC | 38% Moisture content

For 20000 KR₩, it comes two bottles of lenses,

.. a bottle of contact lens solution, ...

... and a box of contact lens case...

... along with an applicator inside.


So the lenses came in the typical lens bottle.

... and they are submerged in the sterilized solution

I took one out for pictures and here's what it looks like in different lighting:


Bathroom (White light)

 Bathroom (White light - shadowed)

Bathroom (White light)


Aye, so this is me before wearing the lenses.

I actually don't need to wear lenses since I don't need them at all but colour lenses are very intriguing to me as they change my appearance a lot. But anyway, here's my naked eye.


The lenses are pretty easy to put on as compared to some of the previous brands I've tried. They stick onto my eye fairly quickly so I didn't have to wiggle my fingers around.

The feeling of these lenses on my eye does not feel like an obstacle to my eye. They fit in pretty well and they feel soft too. 

The colour of these lenses is not as visible as I have expected. It may seem to be visible in my pictures but it would take someone two glances to actually notice their existence on my eyes. 

The most you can see is blue and white dots but the grey is hiding somewhere there. I think it may be different if I had purchased pink or purple but who knows *shrugs*

But overall these lenses had fulfilled their purpose, which is to alter a person's eyes with its peculiar design. Although the colours are not bright enough, you can still see a subtle change as compared to not wearing any lenses.

Anyway, here's a selfie with the camera a little further from my face


Cool lenses, cool designs. Improvements in the colours should be made and would totally want to purchase other colours if possible! (Was it worth to spend RM80 on these?) Although it is a little bit more expensive than other brands that I've tried, these are still pretty okay for me since they are really peculiar and unique. They fit for daily wear too!

That's all for this post!
Check out my other posts for more peculiar stuff too!

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  1. Could you send me some websites to buy these lenses :< ?

      I found this but I couldn't make sure whether it is reliable or not...

    2. Official website is this!

      Sorry I was carried away before replying haha