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Review| Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

I've always wanted a brush especially my pores are easily clogged by unwanted sebum and dust from exposing to terrible city air here in Kuala Lumpur. Clog pores are also worse when my eczema hits because I would need to make sure my skin is extra clean so that it wouldn't irritate my skin any further. I had a friend who joined Mary Kay recommended me this brush and I was so tempted because the price isn't as expensive as what Sephora has in store. So I paid RM200 and gave it a try.

Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Boxed set includes two brush heads, two batteries and a manual.

Mary Kay said:

"This lightweight, two-speed power brush gently massages as it
 thoroughly cleans skin, removing residue, dirt and makeup in seconds."

  • Removes makeup 85% better than cleansing by hand.*
  • (*Results based on a one-day controlled clinical study.)
  • Boosts the absorption of your next skin care step.
  • Starts improving skin’s appearance immediately.
  • Helps polish away the look of past skin damage for a more even-looking complexion.
  • Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Two Spin Speeds
"Two spin speeds allow you to customize your experience. Just a push of a button switches from a lower speed to a higher one, reaching over 400 rotations per minute. Both speeds provide gentle massaging yet deep cleansing that’s suitable for daily use on all skin types, even sensitive skin and acne-prone skin."

Unique Design
"The nylon bristles of the brush head feature polished tips with rounded ends so they feel super-soft against your skin. Gently exfoliates and helps improve skin texture without being abrasive to skin. 
Unique angled design hugs the contours of your face to help thoroughly clean."

Easy to Use
"Take it wherever you go. Waterproof: Use at the sink, in the shower or in the bath. The two brush heads included providing six months of skin pampering when used every day."

They provided a manual which is simple and easily understood.

Here's how the brush cleanser looks like:

The machine itself has a very sleek and simple look.
Nothing too complicated here. There are just a spinner head, a spin button, a power button and a battery port at the bottom of the brush cleanser.

The back of this device looks very clean too.
The texture of the device feels smooth and it doesn't feel like the kind of material that will break off easily. That is, of course, if you don't drop it on the floor.

The batter port cap is actually very difficult to open, in fact, I would suggest you be extra careful when you're trying to change the batteries because they might fly off.

Two brush heads will be included in the box set.
If you need to change brush heads, a pack of two will cost you about RM56.
(That is if they didn't increase the price haha [as of 16th April 2017])

Apparently what Mary Kay said was, two of these will last you about six months.
So, one year you will be spending around RM112 on Mary Kay.
Smart tactic, Mary Kay. I'm impressed with this marketing plan.

[After using for 9 months]
Now I find the brush pretty handy when you're a lazy person like I am. It generates foam fairly well and seems to have made things easier for me. However, I prefer using it less frequently when my eczema is triggered. Not that the bristles hurt my face -surprisingly it does-, but I find that my skin tends to scrap off easier during my eczema phase, which may happen even more easier with the brush. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the results after using it every single time. 

The brush is affordable and has simple settings (i.e.: normal, fast) which are sufficient enough to cleanse one's skin efficiently. If you do fancy a cleansing brush but couldn't afford the higher-up brands from Sephora or you don't like the idea of bringing your expensive brush whenever you travel to different places, this is actually not bad of a choice/substitute too.

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