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Review| Sugao Airfit DD Cream

スガオ エアーフィット DDクリーム ピュアオークル(自然な肌色)

1479 JP‎¥

Product description:

With high UV cut effect (SPF 50 + / PA ++++) it protects the skin from ultraviolet rays reaching the back of the skin and finishes the skin brightly. Comfortable feeling of souffle feeling with air fit prescription. It is thin enough to forget to make up. It blends tone change powder and makes the skin look bright with your light. It covers naturally the irregularities of the pores with the soft focus effect. Finish to a naturally beautiful skin full of transparency.

Sun protection, + makeup foundation + foundation + finishing powder

 No fragrance, alcohol (ethanol) free
● Patch tested (Certain users may still feel irritation)
 Maximum UV cut of SPF 50 + PA ++++ (within the SUGAO series), fluffy light attachment comfort Fande cuts blue light as well
● Pure ocher (natural skin colour)
● What is DD - It is "Deep Defence". It protects the skin brightly while protecting it from ultraviolet light reaching the back of the skin with high UV cut effect.


After preparing your skin with toner, lotion or milky lotion, take an appropriate amount and spread gently and gently over the face. Due to the nature of the product, the transparent liquid may come out, please use after discarding the liquid.

I believe that Watson's is currently not selling it? (Please let me know if they do) I found it in a drugstore only a few left as compared to other products so I grabbed one without thinking hehe

The size is smaller than my usual makeup foundation products and it is considered to be at the higher end too, a little bit pricier than what I would go for. 

The tip is just like any typical product packaging of a similar application.

The product is a little bit hard to squeeze out but not to the point where it felt like hardened acrylic paint. The creamily textured foundation might give people the wrong impression that it is very thick and heavy.

But it is actually very easy to spread it out. Extraordinarily easier than any foundation, bb cream or sunscreens. They're being accurate for naming it AirFit too.


Notice the redness and one other flaw.


Notice the lessened redness and other flaws.

So what's the verdict?
This product is surprisingly very good and worth the price. The finishing is so natural and I've never seen anything like this before! The coverage is not very high but it does cover up until certain levels. People with severe blemishes or flaws may want to cover with concealer if they prefer so. It does not feel sticky on the skin as the foundation does. Even better, it doesn't feel like I'm actually wearing any makeup foundation too. Touching my face, I would say that it feels like a velvety-finish rather than satin.

You don't need a lot of the product to reach the optimal result. The amount that I squeezed out was enough for the entire face and there's a little bit excessive. Normally with my Fenty foundation, my face looks very different my neck and it's obvious. But with this product, it's actually hard to see the colour difference, I.e.: this product blends into your skin tone very well.

I also have eczema skin but this product works well for me. Do note that Sugao still warns the possibility of irritation for certain people so do not continue if your skin feels irritation after usage.

I am typically not easily impressed but this product had taken me by surprise. However, before they plan to sell it here in Malaysia (again, correct me if I'm wrong hehe), I plan to use as little as possible :3

Will I buy it again?

Other reviews coming soon!

Total haul: 16785 JP¥

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