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Take A Look + Review| The Butterfly 5th Anniversary Unicorn Party & Unicorn Beauty Bag

Before we start, here's a video visual to sum up the entire day!

The Butterfly Unicorn Party 

Everyone got so excited when the day arrived! I was already there before 2pm and secured myself a parking space right outside the venue heheh. Upon entering Wondermilk in Damansara Uptown, the sight of Mira was so relieving because she was calm and assertive when she was signing everyone up before entering the event site. She even remembered me, which was so nice to know :D

Look at the queue! Everyone was so excited for the party to start. My friends and I were discussing about how extravagant everyone looked while our gang still remain potatoes since last year HAHHAH

First thing that we did before settling down was to take the "Entrance Photo." Our Top-Tier photographer, Eros Si, was in-charge for photography of the day!

Yes, that's my #OOTD for that day!

The dessert table at the back was decorated in a simple yet adorable fashion with all the colours combining so well into one.

But I heard some disappointment of not being able to taste the cake :x oopsie. We really didn't get to cut the cake and taste it this year hahhah (I'm fine with it lah but to see my friends looking so sad is just :< )

 First booth that was in-sight was the Brrrloon booth for us to draw on the balloons with colouring marker pens. (My art work available after scrolling down!)

Right next to the balloon booth, there's a florist booth available. There's more inside and I'll get to that later on :3 (Balloons are by Brrrloon!)

Right behind the tables, there were FOOD. FOOOOOD.

uwu Looking a little awkward here HAHHA That's because I'm not used to people taking pictures of me for me. Huge thanks to Dashindra Siva for the candid!

Our Emcee-of-the-day is none other than the fabulous Dee Leonard himself! He was rocking the rainbow hair and comfy-looking Kimono robe. I feel that he's much more comfortable emcee-ing this year as compare to last year. Maybe it's because he felt familiar with most of us already :)

Mamasan and everyone else were listening attentively...

...whilst some tried to get some really good shots of the emcee :3

After that, Mamasan, who was rocking that heart-shaped purple shades and the purple wig the entire day, proceeded to explain what we should do when we're at the florist booth. More details about the steps below!

A representative from Brrrloon also taught us what we should do with the balloons that they've brought with them to us!

Last but not least, we have our always-so-gorgeous Sydney Lim, who looked tremendously glam with those gems on her face, explaining to us about our Unicorn Box! Apparently, we can unbox it anytime we like :o which is different from last year.

So then the five of us unboxed the Unicorn Box together and took a look inside before heading to the activity booths. More details of the items inside below! (I promise!)

The first booth that the girls and I had visited was the florist bar prepared by Everyday Flowers. Basically, the idea is that you choose flowers from the 'bar' to receive customized bouquets, it's almost like getting alcohol at a bar, except I don't really go to bars.... :p so I don't know how exactly alcohol bars work. They've prepared a lot of choices of flowers for us to pick so that we can have our own customized bouquet for the day :)

I picked a purple rose with a purple-tipped eustoma.

The next booth was THE MOST EXCITING ONE!

We can technically adopt a unicorn (????) Nobody thought it was possible (???????) But Mamasan was so amazing at this idea and literally everyone can get a pet unicorn now!!!!!

Basically all we needed to do is to get an adoption form, fill it up and then collect a unicorn in a box huhu. The whole process was very quick and nobody encountered any difficulties at adopting one.

Then we went to the photo booth the print out some photos! It was also one of the most essential part of the entire party too! Here are some softcopies that they had sent me right after the photoshoot.


 Apparently they had a new feature, too! It is called the Boomerang shot. The difference between Boomerang Photobox and Gif Photobox is that whilst Gif takes multiple photographs and then combining them into a gif animation, Boomerang is the on-the-spot live action video recording shot.

I've also got featured in GNG Studiobooth's video! :D Check it out!

The last booth that we went to was the Brrrloon booth. All we needed to do was to draw on the canvas side with coloured marker pens, hit the balloon hard for a few times and then vigorously shake it for about 20-60 seconds. I only needed approximately 20 seconds because I was pretty rough at it :3

By the way, I felt like a little kid while coloring because I couldn't color within the lines :p

Last but not least, there was the "Best Dressed" award for the top three and the prizes were sponsored by the generous Trollbeads!


Unicorn Beauty Bag 

Tammy's Gift

Thank you, Mamasan! <3 

Never not enough of unicorn horns or makeup brushes~
[Eye makeup brush from Wanderlust Things.]

50Gram Florist

Unicorn Mug

Adopted and named as Delila.

This is essentially the cutest mug I've ever had!
Look at that adorbsy smile!!

You can literally put anything into this mug.
Hot choco, vodka, smoothies, coffee and many more!
It also has a rainbow tail for you to hold the mug without dropping it :3

What do 50gram do?
- Flower bouquets ( Bridal, Graduation, Basket, Opening Stand, Customization)
- Plush toys, juices and Cakes
- Other gifts: mugs, perfumes
- Giveaways (Facebook)
- Bouquet delivery to KL and Penang

18-03A & 18-06, Menara K1,
Lorong 3/137C,
Bedford Business Park,
Old Klang Road,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 018 – 2618 219

Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday : 10am to 3pm
Sunday : Closed

NYX Professional Makeup

 Lip Of the Day Liquid Lip Liner (Cherished)

It is supposed to be a lip-wear but I feel that it makes an exceptional eyeliner because it doesn't smudge at all! Tried and tested with water while I was doing another review that requires me to wet my hands with water.

It is crazily pigmented with shimmering glitter and it dries up really quickly. The texture while applying was easy and not hard to draw on at all. [Update: 24hrs later: it's still on my hand! I showered, washed my hands and did a lot of other things but it remained intact and un-smudged on my hand!! ]

I don't plan to use this on my lips since the tip is very, very fine. So eyeliner, it will be!

Physical NYX store available in Sunway Pyramid [Level G.1.08]!


NYX Professional Makeup

Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom)

This eyeliner is very watery but also pigmented. Very, very easy to glide on but one thing that I noticed was: while it is also smudge-proof, it suddenly became non-smudgeproof after contacting with water. 

But fret not! Other than that, this makes a very bright and outstanding eyeliner.

Physical NYX store available in Sunway Pyramid [Level G.1.08]!


GNG Studiobooth

Boomerang Photobooth

GNG Studiobooth was generous enough to provide a package for unlimited prints of photo for us! Each photo session consisted two shots and the prints can be easily snapped into two with just a light press after folding one end to another.

Their prints are waterproof and also has anti-fingerprint features so you won't need to worry about your greasy fingers ruining the memories-of-the-day.

What do GNG Studiobooth do?
- Photobooth services (wedding, portrait, follow you, greenscreen, instaprint, gifbooth)
- Decoration & Styling Services ( fabric/printed/premium backdrop, rom decoration & styling)
- Combining elements of commercial photography and instant photo printing to create and capture memories whilst fulfilling modern demands of providing a diversity of services. 
- Unique activities; focusing on brand integration, social media outreach and interactivity.
- Customization available

23, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6,
Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park, Batu 7 1/2,
52100 Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur



Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes *NEW*


Dolly Wink are very well-known for their false lashes and we also get to have a set during this party! There were 4 different variations in total (i.e.: No 28 Lovely Girl, No 29 Pure Dolly, No 30 Chiffon Nude and No 31 Airy Doll). Mine was No 31. Airy Doll.

I actually exchanged it with Sylvia because she preferred the one that I originally got, which has a thicker volume, since she had never tried that type before whilst I wanted to have a more natural-looking pair of false lashies.

The synthetic fibers felt so much smoother than the cheap lashes that I bought from taobao. They are very light weight and natural looking. Dolly Wink also provided a small tube of lash glue for consumer's convenience. 

By the way, did you know that these lashes are reusable?!

Available at selected stored e.g Watsons & Sasa Malaysia, etc.


Auto-inflate Colouring Balloons

Above: printed side. Wonderful colours. So pretty.

Below: self-painted. Can do better. Ha ha ha ha ha.
(I probably need drawing lessons if I ever wanna draw better..)

Apparently, they are the first to offer this type of balloon in Malaysia!
And all the balloons in this party were all prepared by them <3 

What do Brrrloo do?
- Party Supply & Rental Store
- Personalized Bubble Balloon
- Helium Balloons
- Auto-inflate Colouring Balloon
- Balloon Powered Toys
- Balloon Sculpture
- Balloon Arches & more!

Store Location:
Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia, 
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, 
Desa Park City, 52200 KL

Contact No:


 Dear Beaute (Japan)

Himawari Hair Care Samples

The concept of Kracie’s new line of hair care product is himawari or sunflower which has the power to brighten up our feeling whilst aiming at damaged hair to help you regain your shiny and voluminous hair! 

A. Volume & Repair Oil in Shampoo
- Premium sunflower oil formulation.
- Honey and coating oil formulation.
- Honey keeps moisture in the hair.
- Coating oil controls swells due to moisture such as rain.
- Includes Hawaiian stem and leaf extract. 
- Non silicon and Sulfate free!

B. Volume & Repair Oil in Conditioner
- Tame your frizzy, coarse, and unmanageable hair! 
- Sunflower extracts for wavy, unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair. 
- Frizz Control formula to deeply condition and restore hair’s internal lipid-moisture balance leaving hair silky smooth, vibrant and manageable. 
- Sulfate Free!

C. Rich & Repair Oil in Shampoo
- Premium organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower extract, sunflower seeds extract and sunflower petal extract, in addition to honey and coating oil. 
- Fruity fragrance including peach, apple, rose, jasmine, musk and more. 
- Non-silicon and contains four types of amino-based washing ingredients.
- Sulfate-free!

D. Rich & Repair Oil in Conditioner
- Sunflower extracts that is especially developed to cater to dry, flat, limp and rebellious hair.
- Volume & Bounce formula that boosts volume and deeply conditions to restore hair’s internal lipid-moisture balance, leaving hair with body and volume.
- Sulfate Free!

Available at selected stored e.g Watsons & Sasa Malaysia, etc.

Wanderlust Things

Unicorn Necklace

What's a unicorn party without unicorn accessories?!

Wanderlust Things has a lot of unicorn and mermaid products available on their online store. For this party, we had two different color variety (gold, silver) distributed at random. I've got a silver one :3

The size of the pendant is just right to show a minimalist feminine style without overpowering over my body figure, since I'm pretty petite. At the same time, it is not too small to notice it's shape.

What do Wanderlust Things do?
- Subscription Box
- Stationaries
- Accessories
- Charity Sales


Belif Malaysia

 Belif Bestsellers On-the-go Kit

Belif had compiled a set of their best-sellers in a pouch, easy for people who are constantly on-the-go. In this set, there are 5 different products available.

All of these products does not have addition of Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

This cleansing foam contains natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients,  suitable for normal to combination and dry skin types. Gentle foaming action allows softly wash away impurities from your skin. Soapwort rich in vitamin C and Wormwood in the cleanser foam remove toxins and clean skin without over-drying. Contains soapwort, Wormwood, Sweet Flag.

This toner is suitable for normal to combination skin type. Its watery gel system, enriched with Bergamot extracts, lock-in moisture and is readily absorbed into skin leaving you with nourished and hydrated skin. Contains Bergamot and Sage.

This essence contains the legendary Hungarian Water, the hydration beauty secret of Hungarian Queen Elizabeth. This product provide cool sensation and clings to the skin lightly without stickiness, prolonging suppleness and softness. Contains Rosemary, Gotu Kola.

This intensive eye cream provides long lasting moisture and firmness to the skin as it is applied around the delicate eye area. It is formulated with natural oil rich in skin-friendly ingredients, Cupuacu Seed Butter, Macadamia Nut oil and Meadowfoam Seed oil, along with Napiers herb formula, to keep the eye area soft and smooth. Contains Yarrow, Bilberry.

This aqua balm with Napiers aqua formula containing Lady's Mantle, often called "a woman's hydrating herb," is an invigorating gel type cream that supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort.



End Note

That's all for the party and the goodies! I was so happy that I got to join this event again for this year as a part of the Butterfly Project community. It has been another pleasant year with everyone in the community who had been utterly supportive and motivating no matter how big or small their 'social status size' is. I've never felt so comfortable expressing myself within a large group of people. (OVER 5555 PEOPLE YA KNOW!).

Again, I'd like to thank Tammy so much for the opportunities she had provided. She spent so much effort into everything just so that we can be better day by day. It is rare to see such amazing leadership around these days and I hope that she'll be super happy with the results of her hardwork.

Tammy, you've never failed to inspire me.
Please continue to be our role model 💖💖

Also, again, I'd like to thank the volunteers who had been helping out without asking for anything in return (except our promises ahahahha) throughout this entire period. Y'all are fekin awesome!

[Bonus] I got featured!

Apparently I'm the first to do a blog post coverage! WOOTS~


Random Photos

Credits to Eros Si (

Credits to Eros Si (

Credits to Eros Si (

Credits to The Butterfly Project (

Credits to The Butterfly Project (

Credit: Candace Ng (

Credit: Eros Si (

Credit: Cheryl Lim (

Credit: Candace Ng (

Credit: Candace Ng (

Credit: Candace Ng (

Credit: Sylvia Soo (

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