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Announcement| Recruited as an Althea Angel

Quick Announcement

I'm officially a beauty ambassador for Althea Korea! This means that I'm part of the Althea Angel community where content creators from other countries joined too. Also, I'll be able to do giveaways and sharing discount codes thanks to the blessings by Althea. Stay tuned for more in future but right now, I'd like to share with you a little something.

In the events of joining them, I was blessed with a box of welcoming gifts. These are all the things included in the gift box:

Firstly, we received a welcome note from the Head of Creative Communication herself, Miss Tammy Lim.

The note mentioned that #altheaangles will be used to promote Althea products, which I highly encourage you to follow in Instagram to check out products that you're unfamiliar with which would be promoted by the fellow ambassadors.

Now, are you curious about these little boxes?

They are literally cut-outs from these cards.

Once you've assembled them, they'll look like mini Althea boxes.

Look at the details inside!

You can win prizes too if you've collected them all!

Next thing is a simple makeup bag.

This is a card that contains another surprise at the back.

It's a promo code! You can use this to get 10% off huhu

We were also given a hand mirror with the slogan behind.

Lastly, the main features:

Althea x Get It Beauty

Daily 10-sec wash-off mask
Rose & Green Tea

Read my thoughts and opinions about these two products here:

That's all for this post!
Do check out my other posts for new stuff!

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  1. Everything in the box are so nice! I've been waiting all week to unbox mine! I got excited with all your posts! :)

    1. Oh! HAHHA You must be pretty excited by the time you opened the packaging for the two masks. Have you opened yet? :D Have you tried? hohohoohho