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Review| CLIO Mad Matte Tint in [#02] Mocha Chip and [#08] Chai Tea Latte

CLIO Mad Matte Tint
클리오 맥도 매트 틴트

Mocha Chip & Chai Tea Latte
모카칩 & 차이티라떼
₩12,800 | 4.5ml (0.15oz)
Matte Finishing

This series has a couple of shades that was viewed as an MLBB [my lips but better] colour, which should define as colours that are closer to your lip colour but with better shading. There are 8 different shades: Natalie Red [#01], Mocha Chip[#02], Deepublic[#03], Modern Rose[#04], Pink Stream[#05], Eternal Coral[#06], Peace Mousse[#07], and Chai Tea Latte[#08]. I've picked 02 and 08 because I like something in such darker shade as well as such tone. This series is available in Club CLIO, Sunway Pyramid. 

Not to mention, this series was meant to be applied to oil (for vivid colour pigment) or water (for long-lasting tint colourants) layers without the typical obvious pinkish finish from conventional lip tints. It claims to have a light fitting texture with a film that maintains without breaking or causing inconveniences on moving lips whilst lightly, yet excellently fitting onto your lips.

Honestly, they smell amazing. Just like milk tea and it makes me wanna drink some right now. I suppose you can joke with your partner about 'eating' milk tea off of your lips 🙈 Other than that, you should be aware of it's staining abilities. I'll explain this in the Swatches section.


Mocha Chip 모카칩 

CLIO Mad Matte Tint in Mocha Chip [#02]

This shade is similar to a burgundy shade but with a peachy pink undertone.

The surface of the tube is smooth and matte. It is easy to grip.

If you lay the tube flat on the surface, the lip tint would flow out of the tube.

The applicator is a typical-shaped cotton tip.

Chai Tea Latte 차이티라떼

CLIO Mad Matte Tint in Chai Tea Latte [#08]

This shade has a muted pink shade.

The surface of the tube is nicely smooth and matte. It is easy to grip.

If you lay it flat on the surface, the products will flow out of the tube because it is runny.

The applicator is a typical-shaped cotton tip.


My lips are not suitable for the full-lips application so I will be using the Gradient method. In order to apply the gradient method, you should apply the lip product to the inner parts of the lips.

Once you're done, smack your lips together without moving or rubbing them around. You can verbally say BA-BA-BA or just mouth it out that way. 

Once the lip products have been evenly smeared across your lips with a gradient effect, use your fingertip to smudge the outer corners further to make it seamless.

Your lip should have a softer appearance after all the steps.


I have another set of lip tints from CLIO that was bought along with this lip tint so I've swatched them together to give you an idea of how different they are. I bought these sets whilst wanting them to be in the same shading range. It can be seen here that Innisfree's Faded Beige Tulip has more orange tones than CLIO's Mocha Chip (first lip tint). On lips, Mocha Chip has a pink-toned burgundy shade and Chai Tea Latte has a muted pink tone to it.

CLIO Mad Matte Tint series has a bolder yet runnier consistency with strong staining characteristics as compared to Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Lip Tint. After wiping off the lip tints, Innisfree did not leave any stains whilst CLIO does. This means that this product is relatively unsafe for pregnant women to use as compared to CLIO's Mad Matte Tint. (I'll still advice pregnant women to stop using makeup during pregnancy as it can affect your child(ren) up to a certain extent.)

By the way, the staining abilities of this lip tint on textiles and cloths are pretty strong. You should be careful with your clothes, especially when this lip tint is pretty runny as compared to Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Lip Tint. I've happened to drip one drop onto my white cloth and it instantly stained four sides of it (the cloth was folded). You have no idea how much bleach and scrubbing with stain-removing soaps that I've used. After countless of trying, the stain is still there.

You can read about the lip tint from Innisfree here:


They both look almost similar in pictures and in real life as well. The most noticeable difference is that one is darker and has more red-orange hues (Mocha Chip) whilst the other is brighter and has pink hues. The smudge-test results for this lip tint are shown below:


First of all, they have a great smell, I likey. Secondly, I really like the bold colour outcome/payoff that these tints can give but if I have to choose between this and Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Liptint, I would prefer Innisfree's. Sure, the colour range that CLIO offers are in similar colours but different shades than what Innisfree offers, but feeling-wise, I prefer my lips to feel weightless and without a barrier. Not to say that CLIO's tints are that thicc but there is still a feeling that the lip product is there. The inner lips would also feel slightly tacky when I smack my lips within 30mins after application. After the first 30mins, the lip tint settled into a thinner layer and feel lighter. It has a slight powdery feeling to it. Price-wise, Innisfree is ₩3,800 cheaper than CLIO.

If you're a boyfriend and you want to buy lip products or your girlfriend, this is certainly one to choose from because the price doesn't decrease that satisfaction your girlfriend would feel. I mean, receiving a decently expensive product would totally better than items that are priced cheaper. But if I'm going to buy lip products for myself, I'll have to take more time to consider this lip tint than Innisfree's lip tint.

Rating 👑

Colour shade: 80% MLBB
Colour Payoff: ✨✨✨✨✨
Smell: 👌👌👌👌👌
Comfort: 🙆🙆🙆🙆
Durability: 👄👄👄👄
Staining: 👄👄👄👄👄
Price: 💰💰💰 | 👍👍
Availability: 👍👍👍👍

Within 30mins after application
Smudgeproof: 🙅🙅🙅
Transfer-proof: 🙅🙅🙅

Beyond 30mins after application
Smudgeproof: 🙅🙅🙅
Transfer-proof: 🙅🙅🙅

Repurchase: Nah... maybe?
Reason: It's really not bad of a lip tint but the price range kinda turns me off a little bit. Nice to try it for once but I guess I'll venture to other similar lip tints.



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