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I made a vlog about it! Wee!
But I also wanted to write down things that I didn't or couldn't mention during the vlog so here we go! Initially, I've planned to visit the butterfly park too but we were so tired that, the best thing to do was just to go home and relax. We'll go to the butterfly park another day.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The largest free-flight walk-in aviary in the world

Open daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm including Public Holidays & School Holidays
920 Jalan Cenderawasih
Taman Tasik Perdana 50480
Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

"Located in the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, it is only 10 minutes’ drive away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is home to more than 3,000 local and foreign birds of approximately 200 different species.

Sprawling approximately 20.9 acres of verdant valley terrain, the park is divided into 4 zones; Zone 1 and 2 make up the free-flight zone; Zone 3 is the Hornbill Park and Zone 4 is where the birds are placed in separate cages and mini aviaries.

One of KL Bird Park's most extraordinary feature is that in Zone 1, 2 and 3, birds are let free in the aviary which closely resembles their natural habitat. With this free-flight concept, birds are able to breed naturally in this unique environment." - KL Bird Park


Adult (Standard)           RM 63.00
Child (Standard)           RM 42.00

Adult (with MyKad)       RM 25.00
Child (with MyKid)        RM 12.00

*Child from 3 - 11 years old. 
**Above prices are inclusive of 0% GST charge.

General enquiries

Tel : 03 - 2272 1010
Fax : 03 - 2273 5428
Email :

Anyway, we used body mosquito repellent before entering the bird park so we're basically mosquito-free. Not sure if there are mosquitoes around because of its a bird park with fishes. The walking paths are fine too, I didn't stress my injured ankle throughout the entire journey. The entire park is also wheelchair-friendly except for the Amphitheatre seating areas. However, the roads can be slippery whenever its wet. We didn't encounter that as it was a sunny afternoon, so the roads were pretty dry. 

Zone 1 & 2

Free-flight walk-in aviary with all sorts of birds wandering around, waiting for you to feed them with the bird food that you can buy from a capsule machine. Each capsule costs you two new 50 cent coins. Yes, I've gotta be very specific about that because my companion did not fulfil his dream to feed the birds due to our lack of new Malaysian 50 cent coins.

The available birds here are the Indian Blue Peacock, Peafowls, Crowned pigeon, Yellow-billed Storks, Nicobar pigeon, Ostriches,  Baya weaver and Scarlet Ibis.


Sun Parakeets inside the Love Aviary the moment you enter the first zone of the bird park.

A Ring-necked Parakeet eating next to a chicken.

Egrets and Ibises

Cattle Egrets are everywhere and they are bold enough to walk up to you for food.

Egrets and Ibises love to walk around and following humans who may look like they have food on their hands.

Honestly, egrets look like street thugs.

I've also found a Scarlet Ibis walking around. I think its an Ibis. At least that's what Google shows me.

Yellow-billed Stork

A yellow-billed stork taking a shower in the pond.

Another yellow-billed stork seen to be T-posing. It is either trying to dry itself or it is trying to assert dominance (meme reference)

Yellow-billed storks really do like to do the T-pose. They can hold this position for about a minute or two while staring at the humans around them.

I've also found one sitting at the side of the walking path. It's in my vlog too!


Here are some peacocks that I've found!

I don't know what bird this is but Google tells me that it's a Night Heron.


Poor birdies with bad feather like this. I think these are the ill ones.


These flamingos are surprisingly not as pink as I thought they would be. Still interesting to look at.

There was also a peacock trying to attract another one to mate with.

Black Swans

or geese. I can't tell. But I think they are swans. I'm not well-educated bout birds.

Wood Duck

Again, I'm blaming Google if I got the name wrong HAHHAAH

Zone 3

It's a designated zone for the hornbills. There were plenty of hornbills and I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of them. But hey! They're in my vlog hehe. There is also a Hornbill Gift Shop, and a three-storey Hornbill Restaurant and Cafe. The available birds here are the smaller hornbill species, the Oriental Pied Hornbill, the Hill Myna, the Formosan Blue Magpie and the Purple Swamphen that we actually didn't see. You can also feed these birds during the Hornbill Feeding session at 11.30am every day.

Blue Magpie

These dudes have crazy looking eyes.

Zone 4

You get to feed the parrots up-close as well as checking out other giants birds like ostriches, emus and cassowaries. There is also a bird gallery, education centre, bird school and an oriental bird aviary that exhibits birds based on their species in different cages, such as toucans and starlings. We skipped the waterfall aviary and we've also missed the Amphitheatre. 

There are more ostriches here which has better feathers. This one right here is trying to provoke a water pipe.

This one right here is trying to drink water..?

You can also check out more packages that the bird park can offer. They offer pre-wedding photoshoot packages, family packages, educational packages and more!

That's basically my blog about the KL Bird Park. If you want to see more birds, you can totally check em out from my vlog. It was pretty difficult to take pictures and vlog at the same time because I was holding two cameras. In the meantime, my boi has yet to master the art of Youtube/Blogger Boyfriend. So there's that. 

If you're still feeling interested about birds, check out my entry about a Kingfisher that I've rescued.

That's all for this post! 

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