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Review| NYX Butter Lipstick in Neon Light (BLS06)


Butter Lipstick in Neon Light [BLS06]
RM32 | 4.5g / 0.16 fl. oz.

I had the privilege to be a VVIP to participate the event of NYX Professional Makeup's Third Store Opening Ceremony in Sunway Pyramid on the 1st of February and they were so generous because they gave discounts the first 200+ customers! This one here is one of the products that I've gotten and do check out my haul at the bottom of this post!

Pssst: NYX had also opened their largest store in KLCC on the 29th of June! Go check it out!

NYX said: "Treat your lips to a kiss of smooth, creamy colour with our irresistible Butter Lipsticks in 12 new luscious shades. The formula’s delicate satin texture fused with highly saturated colour delivers full-yet-lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish."

A compact and affordable lipstick that delivers colour effortlessly without sacrificing your lips into a chappy disaster.

This colour is BLS06. My intention was to purchase BLS21 but they only have this one which seemed to be similar so I got this instead.

It has a sharp-curved top tip. The application is the same as every lipstick.


I've swatched the lipstick on the back of my hand. The left part is swatched with lighter strokes. The right part is swatched with heavier and more stokes. 

This is another comparison under different lighting. Pardon my fingernail because I've just dyed my hair purple and there were some dyes on my fingers huehue.

A close up for you to see how 'buttery' the lipstick is! It's not matte so it doesn't dry your lips into a chappy disaster, which is a terrible sight especially for a person whose lips dry up pretty quickly. The shine from this lipstick doesn't give that annoying greasy-looking finish. It looked as though you've applied some lip balm over your lipstick.

Before and After

(Mild Gradient)




Indoor lighting
Indoor lighting


I honestly really love this range a lot because it is affordable, the colours fit almost every occasion and I can literally buy a few tubes of these to keep in different bags that I own without breaking the bank. These can last pretty long and my previous ones lasted for a couple of years. If you want to wear for daily use, this colour is the best. For formal occasions, you can use this too, or a darker shade from the same range.

The texture of this lipstick is smooth and weightless. I don't feel like there's a barrier on my lips when I wear this. I always forget that I have lipstick on me whenever I use this, which didn't end well for my boyfie's shirt ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…My lips would also look healthy whenever I apply because it doesn't dry out my lips. They look pretty inviting for kisses too ๐Ÿ‘€

A simple swipe with NYX's Micellar Water will effectively remove the lipstick without the hassle! This is pretty good because I usually have little time to wash my face up before going to bed after a long day of working and socializing. 

Check out my review of the Micellar Water too! 

That's all for this post!

Check out my other haul!

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